5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now


Every now and then, I search for “haunted” items on eBay to see what turns up. My search usually yields loads of haunted dolls and mundane estate sale items, but today I found more unusual odds and ends. Here are five haunted items currently up for grabs on eBay.com.  To view the listing, just click on the bold title. Happy haunted browsing!

Haunted Donkey Doorstep Brings Owners Ass

The Story: A charmed donkey doorstep helps its owners get lucky.

“My grandfather had this in his home for over 40 years, and in that time he said that it scored him some serious tail!!!! I have had this for over two years myself, and let me tell you, this jackass has brought some of the best A$$ into my home.”

Current Bid: $199.99

haunted donkey ebay

Button Causes Out-of-Body Experiences

The Story: A man masters the technique of having out-of-body experiences. He dies a year later and attaches himself to a button. Now, this button, taken from his pajamas, can help others leave their own bodies.

“The key is the button. He said when you go to lay down at night for bed, when your soul is restless, you look at the button.”

Current Bid: $25.00

haunted ebay button

Possessed Elf on the Shelf Terrorizes Family

The Story: A woman buys an Elf on the Shelf doll at an estate sale. Strange things start happening at home.

“One night I was sick and slept in the living room on the couch by the Christmas tree where the elf was at the time and I had the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. When I woke up the elf was inside the cuff of the bottom of my pajama pants.”

Current Bid: $59.99

haunted elf on shelf

Haunted Hour Glass Makes Dreams Come True

The Story: An hourglass made in Thailand makes dreams come true.

“It was created out of a dream come true for someone who has possession. If you put it next to you at night, every night, and pray before you sleep, you can get your dream.”

Current Bid: $10.99

haunted ebay

Haunted Sandwich Bag Heals and Restores

The Story: A sandwich bag heals or restores anything placed inside it.

“Imbued with the restorative healing powers of 7 sephiroth of the planet kozthkatoth, this item stealthily blends in anywhere and will heal and restore anything one can fit in it- even via remote healing.”

Current Bid: $20.00


Have you come across a haunted object? Share your story here!

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  3. Hmmm, someone out there is makin’ a heap of cash selling pieces of crap and saying they are, ahem, ‘haunted’. Idea$$$$$$$!!

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