Reader Submission: Murday’s Memory


“Murday. That’s the name that was written on the box. My dad and I were digging to make a new foundation in the yard, and that’s when I found it. Sitting there, not even two feet in the ground, was a small cardboard box with the name Murday written on one of the top flaps.

I didn’t want to tell my dad about the box for fear he might discard it, so I took it out of the ground and ran inside. Curiosity and excitement ran through my head. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

I got to my room and sat on the bed, getting more and more excited. Finally, I opened the box. At first I was confused because the box had nothing but dirt inside. But then I shifted through the dirt and found things that were utterly disgusting. Inside the box were several dead birds, heads severed and wings twisted in ways I don’t even want to describe.

I didn’t want to search through the box anymore, but something kept pushing me to continue. I shifted through some more and found a document. It read: ‘My name is Murday, and I have buried this box in hopes that someone will find it and bring my memory back to life. I have buried several boxes like this all over the country so my memory will live on thorough them. If you are reading this, please spread the memory of me. Don’t let me fade away.’

I was shocked when I read this. Millions of thoughts rushed through my head. Who was this Murday? I can’t get him out of my mind. I can’t let his memory fade away. I won’t. I’ll find the boxes and bring the memory of Murday back to life.”

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4 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Murday’s Memory

  1. I’m very disappointed to find out this story is bullshit. I have found several versions of it on the internet. Sometimes it’s a cardboard box, and sometimes a metal one. Sometimes the name on the box and the note is “Josh Murday.” Sometimes it’s simply “Murday.” There is even a somewhat different version to this one here posted on another website. Funny thing is that “Derick” submitted it there as well (posted January 30, 2014). Here is THAT version:

    “A few months back, me and my dad were digging up a new foundation in the yard, while digging I noticed something in the ground. I went over to see and it was a cardboard box with the word “Murday” written on one of the top flaps. I didn’t tell my dad about it, instead I took the box and ran to my room. I sat down on my bed and opened the box, a huge chill ran own my spine as I did so, as if something was telling me that I did something wrong. When I looked inside there was just a lot of dirt inside, but then I noticed something sticking out I grabbed it and jumped out of my bed. What I grabbed was a dead bird. It’s head was missing and it’s wings were horribly mutilated.

    I was getting really paranoid at this point and I felt like someone was in the room with me. I picked up the box and searched through some more, the feeling of some else’s presence getting stronger, as if it were coming closer to me. Searching through the box I found a note. It read, “My name is Murday, and I have buried this box and many other’s like it so my memory will live on inside them, if you are reading this please spread the memory of me, don’t let me fade away.”

    When I finished reading this I could feel a cold grip on me, whoever this “Murday” was wanted me to spread his memory, and so here I am on this site telling you everything.

    I feel that when I read the words Murday wrote, I needed to do something. I couldn’t just get rid of this box I found. I feel that Murday died without anyone knowing who he was or what happened to him. When I found his box I knew he was speaking to me, he wanted me to spread his memory, he was not about to die alone and unnoticed.”

    I could even buy that the story was written a little differently for another website. Maybe “Derick” wanted to re-write to make it a little more dramatic. But, if this was for real, the words on that note in the box would NOT change. Nice try. It’s a creepy story. I’ll give you that. But, it is complete fiction.

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