3 True Tales of Frightening Figures

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Three readers. Three true tales of frightening figures. Do you believe?

Figure by the Bed

“One night I fell asleep with a horrible earache, and the pain woke me up in the middle of the night. I had always slept with a night light on, and at least two fans, but when I awoke that night, the room was pitch black, eerie, and very, very hot. Then I noticed a figure standing by my bed.

In what only seemed like seconds later, a huge storm came up with thunder that banged and crashed outside my window. I could see the figure each time lightning flashed, and it glowed in a pale bright light. I felt sick, like I needed to vomit, but I couldn’t move at all. I was in some kind of paralysis.

The figure was in a tight black, hooded cloak and stood straight for what seemed like hours. The craziest thing is that 15 or 30 minutes after it vanished, the ceiling fan and other fan turned on and the night light turned right back on as well. I felt so relieved after the figure left. I could move and toss and turn in bed. It also became a nice 68 or 70 degrees in the room instead of like 95 degrees.

I believe the figure was a demonic entity.”

Figure in the Field

“Me and my cousins were really bored one day, so we decided to go outside. Soon after we did, we thought we saw a Bigfoot so we went to this tree patch by my great grandma’s field. My cousin, Maranda, and I then saw a white orb fly by the trees. It flew quickly, but we saw it. We decided to jump the barbed wire fence and look around.

Soon after me, Maranda, my cousin Adam, and my brother Kris jumped the fence, we started to hear the creaking of a swing. But there wasn’t a swing around for like two miles. We then all heard children going down slides. What we heard next was hair raising. We heard four, maybe five, kids screaming. Then I felt something cold standing right behind me, almost touching me.

We all bolted to the center of the field, and I turned around and saw this black figure. I couldn’t see facial features or anything like that, but the figure appeared to be a man. It was completely black and didn’t look like it was alive because it was kind of blurry. But I knew it was a manly figure. It was standing RIGHT where I was standing, and two seconds later I felt something. I didn’t know what, but it surely wasn’t a good feeling. I told everybody, and Maranda also saw something but I didn’t know what, and we all bolted.

Ever since then, it’s been following me. I see it every once and awhile. I know what I saw wasn’t good, but I felt it connect to me somehow and I feel that connection all the time now. It doesn’t ever go away. It feels more evil than good, and it makes me feel…unsafe, I guess, is a good word for it. I know the figure is always near because I can feel it and sometimes I feel it ‘breathing’ on me. I see usually see it once a month, sometimes three. I don’t know what it is, but it’s still with me.”

Figure in the Hall

“Well I was about seven years old, me, my mum, and my dad went away to this place in Europe. My dad had picked this really nice hotel that he said was haunted, but I didn’t believe him.

On the first night, and I heard noises coming from the bathroom so I went to investigate. I saw that the mirror was all steamy, so I woke up my mum and asked her about it. However, she also didn’t know what caused the steam. We questioned the staff downstairs, but they said ‘Oh, it’s just your imagination,’ so we headed back to our room.

Once outside our room, I saw a woman standing at the end of the corridor. She was very wet. I asked my mum who it could be, and she said ‘What are you talking about?’ and went back into the room. I looked again down the hall, but there was no one there.
So I’m scared for life with that, and this is the first time I’ve talked about it in a while. Scary, huh?”

Has a mysterious figure ever appeared to you? Share your story here!

3 thoughts on “3 True Tales of Frightening Figures

  1. The figure in the field sounds like a classic “slender man” or “grey man” sighting supposedly he grabs children and does somethings with them and the only trace of the children ever to be found is the clothes that they were wearing when they disappeared. Sightings are usually near wooded areas urban legend is if you spot him you will continue to see him until he takes you away. You can find loads of slender man videos on youtube. I am not saying thats what this is or saying that this is a lie or anything but this sounds just like the Slender man.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be some kind of connection between ear problems and paranormal activity (by which, I mean ghosts and spirits)? Or is it just me?

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