Guest Post: The Black-Eyed Kids

black eyed girl

Harbingers of doom, black-eyed kids are demonic children or teens with intimidating, pitch-black eyes with no observable differentiation between the sclera, the iris, and the pupil. Many a terrified witness has reported seeing them in groups, playing games or singing kindergarten rhymes such as “He Jumped Into a Bramble Bush,” in lonely, secluded areas. Sometimes they even show up at the houses of unsuspecting people, asking for assistance and pleading entry into the victim’s house with deadly intentions of causing malice shall the innocent victim accede to their demands.

Typical Encounter

children_of_the_cornAs already stated, the black-eyed kids will often turn up at the doorsteps of ordinary, unsuspecting folk, describing a problem and pleading with the victim to let them into the house. Their innocent age – generally 8 to 17 years – should usually evoke a feeling of sympathy, but no. Instead, their very presence causes such a spine-chilling fear and a sense of imminent threat that surpasses any emotion of sympathy.

The black-eyed kids often speak and behave in a manner way too mature for their ages, further increasing their creepiness. They have a tendency to hide their abnormal eyes by facing away from the witness to avoid eye contact. Witnesses even report that the black-eyed kids use some preliminary mind-controlling technique to influence their victims. In spite of a terrible unsettling feeling caused by the black-eyed kids’ presence, the victim often finds himself unconsciously letting the children enter his property, as if some mysterious force had taken over him. When he is just about to let the black-eyed kids in, it is typical of the victim to suddenly notice their otherworldly eyes. When the black-eyed kids realize that their eyes have been noticed, they become highly persistent and angry that they be let inside, and the victim escapes the site of occurrence fearing impending doom.

Notable Sightings

Sightings of the black-eyed kids began in the 1980s. While the early reports believed them to be aliens, later sightings attribute them to the demons or spirits of deceased children.

Jim Stills

Jim Stills from Massachusetts would habitually go out of his house every night to smoke a cigar. One day, he noticed a kid walking slowly down the street with an unusual gait. From then on, Stills would see the boy every night pacing from one house to another from 10 p.m. onwards. Freaked out by the boy’s abnormal ways, Stills stopped going out of his house at night. However, he would always observe the boy pacing slowly from one house to another up to 3 a.m.

Stills eventually forgot about the boy and unsuspectingly went out of his house one night with a cigarette in his hand. A chill ran down his spine as he saw the boy standing right before him, for the boy’s eyes had no sclera or iris but were pure black eyes that emitted a feeling of dread and horror. The boy asked Stills to let him in his house. Intimidated and terrified, Stills ran into his house and banged the door shut and never dared go outdoors at night again. He occasionally peeked out of the window at night, but never saw that strange black-eyed kid again.

black eyed boy

The Black-Eyed Woman in Michigan

As Chris and her husband drove in their car through I-75 in Michigan, they made a stop at a rest area. As Chris made her way out of the women’s room, she came across a slender, black-haired woman who had pitch-black eyes. The eyes bore no emotions and were in desperate search of vulnerable prey. She had a strange feeling of superiority, as if she possessed superhuman powers. Chris felt an immediate need to run away without letting the black-eyed woman know of her fear. Therefore she escaped swiftly, with the toughest attempt to appear normal.

Black Eyed Teenager in Poland

An apartment manager in Oregon, Poland, Tee, 47, was one day approached by a boy of 17 or 18 who inquired about an apartment for rent. Tee felt a strange coldness and a sense of danger taking over her as she noticed the boy’s coal black eyes. Although the boy spoke and acted normally, Tee felt so awfully scared that she had to close the door right in the boy’s face and run away.

The Black-Eyed Children Who Knocked at the Door

Adele was reading a book in her bedroom when, at about 11 p.m., she was startled by a slow knocking at the door. She looked out of the window and saw two children of roughly 10 years. They said that they wanted to use Adele’s bathroom. Astonished at seeing two small children wanting to use her bathroom at this time of night, she refused and shut the window. She gazed through the window glass and saw that the children had coal black eyes. Adele was struck with a horrible feeling of fear and sorrow.

What Happens if You Let a Black-Eyed Kid In?

black eyed kidsIf you are anxious to know what happens if you let a black-eyed kid enter your house, read this:

An anonymous person reported at that he was sitting in his bedroom when he heard a knock at the door. Opening the door, he found two children facing towards the ground. The taller one told him that they were lost and needed to call their parents and that the smaller child needed to use his bathroom. Not noticing their eyes, the man let them in.

After showing the smaller one the bathroom, he guided the elder one to the telephone and suddenly had a strange feeling of uneasiness. The tall boy looked straight at him with his fearsome coal black eyes and told him that they were sent to “collect him.” The man was highly scared and ran away to his friend’s house through the back door. On returning after some time with his friend, the person could no longer find the black-eyed kids in his house.



The most obvious skeptical explanation that the black-eyed kids are ordinary teens pulling pranks on people by wearing black contact lenses is rejected due to the fact that black contact lenses are very costly and not affordable for small pranks. Secondly, black eyes can be a result of injury to the brain or the consumption of certain bath salts and other drugs.


In popular culture, it is believed that vampires require your permission to cause you any harm. The black-eyed kids may be vampires disguised as small children to look innocent and easily acquire the trust of the people.


Christian theology states that demons cannot affect your life without your consent. Therefore, black-eyed kids might be demons trying to look harmless to people and deceive them with their shrewd and evil contrivances.


There are stories of gray aliens who are four to five feet tall, extraterrestrials with totally black eyes who are gifted with psychic abilities to control the human mind using telepathy. The black-eyed kids can be aliens who want to observe us without being observed, thus taking the form of small children to appear normal.


Black-eyed kids may be the spirits of the children who died of unnatural causes and are thus unable to leave the material world.
While theories are infinite, none is so promising as to be universally acceptable.

Who are the black-eyed kids (BEK)? What do they want? It seems impossible to tell. Are they heralds of doom from the underworld or just harmless beings from another dimension? Experts aren’t certain about the origin of black-eyed kids, but they do agree on one thing: black-eyed kids are new-age paranormal phenomenon.

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  1. Oh god I was so scared to open my door after reading this I was even to scared to look at the pictures.

  2. When I was in my late twenties, I had a beautiful six year old daughter named Amber McNeely. One day Amber’s mother Teresa, who had two other children vanished. No one, no relatives, friends or any of Teresa’s children’s fathers ever saw them again. Now we find out that in 1996 Teresa married BEK Author David Weatherly. David and Teresa Weatherly gave the children fake names. And constantly moved around the country so as not to be found. Even knowing this, no one can find any of our loved ones. Why is there no trace of any of them anywhere? If they are hiding, what are they hiding from?

    • How is this relevent to the article? Call the cops or something, I am not sure what you expect any of us to do.

  3. BEKs are some of the most creepy of the paranormal activity out there. Something about them being kids and the soulless eyes that vaults them to the top of the “creepy shit” category.

  4. Ok, This may or May not be an encounter with the black eyed kids or whatever but it was freaky so I’ll share it with you.

    I was home alone one night, my parents had gone out and it was about 9:45pm, I was sitting it my room with my kitten (her names luck) when she started acting strange, so I start making a fuss of her and she seems to be terrified (which creeped me out, especially as I’ve had my house cleansed several times due to a haunting). Around 15 minuets later I start to hear knocking sounds at my door, at first I think my parent are home a little early, so I get up and look out of the window.

    as I opened it I felt horrible, I can’t explain it, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. My mouth and throat was dry, I was shaking, I felt sick and dizzy and very watched. I push the window open and see 2 figures at my door they were small and I knew instantly it wasn’t my parents, I shouted down and asked who it was, an they simply replied “we need to ring our mother right away, may we come in?” Knowing this was kinda strange I said I had no phone on me, and my parents had locked the doors so I couldn’t get out (Ok this was a lie, but I was freaking out). They looked at each other and then one if them said “no they haven’t, May we come in?” He was starting to sound angry now.

    They both look up at me, and it was dark so luckily I couldn’t see them clearly, but I could tell there was something not right about their faces and it bugs me even now,(seriously, it could of been freakishly black eyes or anything) I slammed the window and called my neighbour, while peeking through my curtain, I could still see them staring at my house from the other side of the road, it was like they was in sync with each other, they both seemed to turn and walk away at the exact same time and pace. My neighbour came over right away and once I told her what happened, she told me about the beks. I’m freaked out. I never want to experience anything like this again, forreal

  5. 🙁 there every where in my dreams thoughts houses my imagination is making me see them at doors and i cant stop reading im only 10 btw and NEVER EVER EVER LET THEM IN YOUR CAR STORE HOUSE WHAT EVER! sure maybe youve read SOMEONE SAYING THERE GOOD OR SOMETHING THERE NOT OKAY THEY WILL KILL YOU HURT YOU RIP OUT YOUR SOUL THERE SLAVES FROM REPTOIDS maybe fake about the reptoid thing i found it online.. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND THEY CAN READ YOUR MIND IF YOU LOOK IN THERE EYES THEY FOLLOW YOU READ THIS if your goinbg threw it right now.. I GUESS IT SHOULD WORK if not call the police or fake it they go away by that. by the power of christ you will go away and never bother me again) i said with the power of god i wont be afraid of roller coasters and now there fun! when i was 4 and to short i still got to go on the ring of fire 🙂

  6. PS THERE MISSION IS TO DESTROY US AND TAKE OVER US TO CLEAN UP IT but look i understand that you let kids like under the age of 18 or so or older you help them and get them a hot cup of tea but say who is it lock the doors look in there eyes not for to long IF THERE BLACK EYED KIDS and they can read your mind there real and i know that if those WANNABE HUMANS TRY AND ATTACK ME THERE DEAD I HAVE GOD ON MY SIDE MY GUARDIAN ANGELS I HAVE HUMANS PARENTS and i have the cops phones and if i need it i will never use one but a fork lol BUT MY POINT IS THEY ARE REAL HUMANS CANT BE THE ONLY CREATION GOD STILL HAS HEAR and I FOR ONE BEILIEVE

  7. Folks, I don’t live in USA, but in one country in Balkans, and I can tell you that THIS IS TOTALY REAL!!! One night, few years ago, I saw in my neighbout’s yard a 13 year old girl, walking towards their house, and she wasn’t walking, it was like she was flying! Some green light was arround her head, she had only one tiny white dress, strange arms, strange legs, and she was SO creepy!!! She had NO EYES, or like she had so strange black eyes!!! When I went to the street, she wanished!!! Couple days after that, my father, while sitting in his car, and waiting for my mom to go shoping, he saw on the street, one girl, who was maybe 16 years old, with only some tiny white dress, like flying the street, and she was with NO EYES, something black was in the place where usually should be eyes!!! She was like flying the street, and while my father looked in other direction, just for a moment, when he looked back, that girl dissapeared! So people, THIS IS REAL!

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