Reader Submission: The Officer’s Warning

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“I’m still a state cop in Oregon, but I’ve been promoted to K-9 handler. One day, I had just pulled over a man for speeding, but as I walked up to his window I instantly got a bad feeling about him. So, I went back to my squad car.

Right when I got in, I felt a breeze and heard my passenger door shut. I looked up and saw a female officer no older than myself sitting in the passenger seat. I hadn’t called for backup, and when I looked around I didn’t see another squad car. There’s no way she could have walked over or been in the guy’s car without me noticing.

My dog Sargent was snapping and barking and growling at the woman, and the hair on his back was standing up. ‘Hello,’ I said. ‘Can I help you?’ She said ‘He has a gun by his seat.’ I turned to make sure the man was still in his vehicle, and when I looked back the officer was gone.

I got out, grabbed the guy from his car, and handcuffed him. I found the gun under the seat where she said it was. When I ran the man’s record, I learned that he’d killed a young cop 20 years ago. I took him in, and he was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

Later that night, I was playing ball with Sargent when the officer appeared again. ‘Thank you,’ I said. ‘No, thank you,’ she replied. I told her she’d saved my life, and she said ‘I was only doing my job. He would have killed you with the same gun he used to kill me. You have brought me peace and happiness.’ After that, she disappeared.

I have personally never seen the woman again, but there are new officers who come off shift spooked, saying an officer came from nowhere or that a mysterious person gave them a warning only to disappear.”

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8 thoughts on “Reader Submission: The Officer’s Warning

  1. is a site that describes all the US law enforcement who have died in the line of duty since the US’s formation. I wonder if any (I’m guessing) Oregon deaths would match that of a younger female being shot by a man whom she pulled over.

    • This is an interesting resource. I gave it a quick look, and no, I did not see any officer deaths in OR matching the woman in the story. The only woman I saw killed by gunfire was shot in a raid, and the years don’t really match up for it to be 20 years ago.

  2. It is truly wonderful to know that angels are real. That they are watching over us and when we need it, warning us. You are blessed having been protected the way you were. You are also rewarded with life and the opportunity to save others when you leave this world.

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