Reader Submission: The Whisper


“It was around 8 – 9 p.m. on Kuta, Bali Island, Indonesia. I was out with a couple of friends heading out. I was the last in the group so I was alone as we walked past a Balinese temple, or Puri. I heard a whisper over my right shoulder. I could not make out the whisper, because it didn’t sound like any language I was familiar with.

As I turned my head, I felt shocked, as if someone had hidden in the temple and jumped straight at me. However, all I saw was a wall. I felt a strange chill run down my spine, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, I think that was a ghost.’

At a restaurant, I told my friends what happened and asked if they had experienced the same thing. They all said no. The next day I told the guide (he was a local Balinese man who was also a Hindu) about my experience. He said spirits tend to linger around various objects and often try to communicate with people passing near that object. He also said that the reason I was not able to understand the whisper was because only gifted people can do that. After that encounter, I saw Bali in a totally different way.”

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