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“I already sent a story last year (The Christmas Candle), but something happened to my husband’s family that I had to share. All of this happened in Guatemala.

Last November 2013, I can’t remember exactly the date, my husband’s grandfather passed away. First, I have to say that his father’s side of the family wasn’t, and has not been, easy to deal with. Short story? My husband’s dad had a difficult life and for a long time he stopped talking to his parents. That is, until his father passed away. Anyway, he (my husband’s dad) had a tough time afterwards, regretting a lot of things he didn’t do for his father.

That’s where things got…scary.

In December, weird things started to happen at my in-laws’ house. The ‘good thing’ is these events always happened when two people were around.

Car Doors

The first thing happened one night when my father-in-law and mother-in-law were about to go to sleep. Their house has three floors, but their room is on the second floor, right above the garage. That night, they heard a lot of movement on the first floor, like footsteps heading to the garage. They have three cars in their garage and heard what sounded like someone opening and closing the cars’ doors, as if they were looking for something. My husband has two sisters and one little brother, but that night none of his sisters were home and his brother was in his room sleeping. When the door sounds stopped, my in-laws went downstairs but there was nobody around.

Footsteps on the Stairs

The second time, they heard footsteps coming down the stairs, between the second and first floor. It was again late at night. This time, not only my husband’s parents heard them, but also his younger sister, Karla, heard the sounds too. They heard the footsteps going downstairs and then straight to the kitchen. After that, it sounded as someone was cooking something (o.O weird, huh?). I mean, like the ‘clink’ of dishes and such. Karla’s room is on the third floor, so she went straight to her parent’s room to ask them what they were doing, but they were as terrified as she was. Everyone else in the family was asleep! They somehow managed to go downstairs, but at the moment they put the light on, the sounds stopped.

The Sigh

The third incident was creepier. This time, Karla was with my mother-in-law in the kitchen when they suddenly heard footsteps coming downstairs. My mother-in-law remembered that she’d left something upstairs and thought that it was her husband coming downstairs, so she started to say something like: ‘Honey, I’m in the kitchen! Thanks for bringing down the dishes,’ but nothing. No one answered. Meanwhile, they still could hear the steps getting closer to the kitchen. ‘Honey?’ Immediately after she called out the footsteps stopped, and they heard someone sighing. It was a deep, noisy sigh. They went to see who was there, but again, nobody was around.

The Photo

My husband’s family was very nervous after all these things happened. I remember when my husband told me what was happening in the house, and I have to confess, I was kind of excited wondering what would happen next. I never thought I would actually experience something, but I did. On New Year’s Eve.

My husband’s other sister, Marielos, was excited because her boyfriend gave her a new smart phone as a Christmas present. She was taking pictures of literally EVERYTHING! She then asked my husband to take pictures of her and her boyfriend right beside the Christmas tree. Picture one, fine, picture two, ok, picture three, what the f…? Considering it was a new phone, we didn’t, and still don’t, understand how the picture came out the way it did. It was all distorted! Their face, their bodies, it was all a blur. There were like black spots on their faces, it was weird. I never in my life have seen something like that. She showed the picture to everyone, but my mother-in-law eventually told her to delete it.

After that day, my in-laws called a priest to bless the house and all the noises and footsteps stopped. All that time, they thought the ‘presence’ was their grandfather. In some ways, I think he was there to mend his mistakes and to say goodbye to his son and family.”

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