Ghost Photo: Black Mass at the Cemetery

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“I have always been somewhat of a skeptic about ghosts. I will admit that. But one day, on September 19th, 2013, my friend and I decided to visit The Battlefield of Antietam in Maryland. I had just moved to Hanover, Maryland and was excited to visit the battlefield because I love history and learning about past wars.

When we arrived, I started taking pictures. We eventually walked into this very old, but beautiful, cemetery across the street from the Reserve Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia building. I took quite a few pictures of the cemetery as it had some very old, beautiful head stones. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, nor was there anybody in the cemetery but my friend and I. There was a guard cop outside the gates, but that was the only person we saw the whole time we were there.

After we walked around for a good hour, reading some of the writings on the head stones and taking pics, we decided to head up toward the battlefield before it got too dark. Once there, I took more photos. We left, and I decided to look at the pictures I’d taken as we had a good two hour drive home. That is when I noticed something very strange in a few of the cemetery photos.

There were three pictures that I took almost back to back that showed a very strange black mass that appeared to be floating above ground by a few of the grave stones along the fence line. I zoomed in closer to see what it was and could tell it wasn’t a bush or an actual person. It was a floating black mass with the shape of a head, shoulders, and arms. I clicked on the next two photos, and the mass was in them in them as well. I then looked at the fourth photo and saw it wasn’t there anymore. The mass had just disappeared.

I showed my friend and he described seeing the same thing I did in the pictures. When I got home, I plugged my SD card into my computer and zoomed in as much as possible to see the mass. It gave me goose bumps. I’ve attached the three original photos I took hoping that maybe someone can explain what it is. I also attached a photo with a red circle around the black mass so that people can spot it. At first, it’s hard to see near all the head stones in the picture.

After seeing these photos, I have to admit, I am now a believer of the paranormal.”

Here are the photos the reader submitted. You may click on a pic to see a larger version. What do you think? 


Photo One

ghost pic

Photo One Zoomed

black mass pic paranormal

Photo Two

real ghost in cemetery

Photo Two Zoomed

ghost photograph

Photo Three

black mass ghost

Photo Three Zoomed

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11 thoughts on “Ghost Photo: Black Mass at the Cemetery

  1. The figure doesn’t seem to have moved in any of the pictures. Each one, it’s in the same spot. I was interested in this particular story because there’s a cemetery not far from where I live that I like to visit and take photographs, because it’s great for black and white shots. Every time I go there, I constantly think I see black shadows darting between the headstones, but it’s all in my peripheral. So, of course when I look to where I think I’ve seen someone, there’s nothing there. Impossible to capture on film – and I have tried. So, this story interested for that reason, but the photos don’t convince me. I think perhaps it is actual shadow-play in this instance, and not a spirit – not only because it doesn’t appear to have moved in each photograph, but also because I can see similar shadows along the same fence line (photos 2 and 3).

  2. That is crazy. Definitely a ghost I think. Scary! And because it is in a cemetery makes it even creepier too!

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