Reader Submission: The Lady in White


“My story involves numerous experiences over a number of years at my parents’ house, the house where they still, in fact, live today.

The layout of the house had the bedrooms up one end and the living room and kitchen at the other. The earliest occurrences were lights turning themselves on in the bedrooms when everyone was sitting together having dinner or watching TV. We initially thought nothing of it, as most people would. This all changed when we began seeing what we called the lady in white. I realize how silly that sounds, but in all seriousness that’s what we saw and it’s the only way to describe it.

At first, we would see her only when one of us was home alone. She’d be standing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms or she’d appear in our peripheral vision at around 90 degrees to right (always to the right, never the left) of where our eyes were focused. At first, we would always turn to look at her, but whenever we’d she’d disappear. We began to realize that if we didn’t look directly at her and held her in our peripherals she’d stay there; a white hazy figure dressed in what could have been a dress or dressing gown with a hood or bonnet shrouded over her face. My dad would try to talk to her, but she would always disappear when he did.

For years none of us spoke about it – we didn’t want to seem stupid, childish, or paranoid – until one night when my brother, who was 16 at the time, was in bed. To set the scene, his bedroom door looked down the hall and the head of his bed was positioned in such a way that if he rolled to his side he could look down the hallway. He woke one night and turned over to see her standing at the end of the hallway, except she wasn’t in white. Her outfit was a lot darker.

My brother pulled the covers over his head, pulled himself together, and told himself that he was seeing things. However, when he pulled the covers down to look again, she had moved forward and was standing in the doorway to his room. He went under the covers and stayed there until morning, too scared to do anything. After this, we shared our experiences but decided that we’d wait it out. She hadn’t hurt anyone, she was just… there.

There was also an odd recurrence that none of the family ever experienced. Whenever my brothers or I had friends over to stay the night, our friends would comment on how they heard cupboards opening and closing in the kitchen and pots and pans moving around when they went to use the bathroom at night. My family and I never heard this, but it was very common for our friends to comment on it in the morning. Some thought it was really exciting, others weren’t willing to stay over again.

The night that got us talking about getting rid of the lady in white was after one of my own experiences. I was 18 at the time and, like my brother, I rolled over in bed one night while trying to get to sleep, I opened my eyes to check the time, and she was standing next to the bed looking at me, dressed in black as she was when she appeared at my brother’s bedroom door. I pulled the covers over my head and yelled for my parents. When they came she was gone. She didn’t bother us for some time afterwards, but I was incredibly shaken up.

A year later, we renovated the house and added a second floor, moving the bedrooms for my brothers and myself upstairs while our parents’ bedroom stayed as it was on the ground floor. While we didn’t hear from or see the lady after that, things were strange upstairs. At any time of day or night, if anyone was up there on their own, they felt extremely unwelcome. Neither my brothers nor I would sleep upstairs if someone else wasn’t there because the feeling was unbearable. Terrifying even. I can’t explain it, we just knew that if we were alone upstairs that someone was in every room with us and they weren’t happy.

We eventually succumbed to asking a priest to bless the house and help usher the spirit out of this world. He took a branch from a tree within the property boundary and used it to flick holy water into every room, blessing it as he went. It wasn’t an exorcism, there was nothing forceful or aggressive to what he did, it was very calming. To our relief, it worked. No lights turning off, no lady in white in the hallway, no dark spirit in our bedrooms, no feeling of foreboding upstairs.

All has been well for almost 5 years now and only one of my brothers still lives with our parents. He has been the only one sleeping upstairs for some time now. Recently, however, both of my parents have regularly heard footsteps upstairs when my brother has been out at work. My brother has also been hearing strange sounds upstairs. We’re not jumping to conclusions or panicking just yet, but we’re keeping our wits about us. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.”

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