Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations

I’d like to give a shout out to my ghost hunting group, Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations (FSPI). I’ve mentioned the group a couple of times in the past, but they deserve a bit more praise as they took me in and taught me about the world of paranormal investigations.

Based in the Tampa Bay area, FSPI has investigated everything from private residents to famous hotels. Some of the investigations I’ve attended include the May-Stringer House in Brooksville, FL (my personal favorite) and the Brooksville Train Depot. However, FSPI has been going long before I joined and has explored such well-known sites as the Tampa Theatre, the Don Vicente Inn, and the Cuban Club, among others.

Right now, however, we’re a bit stuck in coming up with places to investigate. If anyone in Tampa Bay area or the surrounding areas has any ideas/suggestions/connections, we would greatly appreciate your help. You can get in touch over at the group’s Facebook page or email me at ghostsghoul@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

2 thoughts on “Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations

  1. I know its out of your way quite a bit but I worked construction on a house in jacksonville fl off oh mlk behind whiteys bar there was a murder suicide there apparently and the house was set on fire with both people still inside we would frequently smell peach pie and see shadows through out the place even tho we had all the walls torn out we would hear talking and constantly feel like we were being watched one day when we were replacing the windows a piece of glass flew across the room and hit my co-worker in the leg he promptly left the premesis and the owner of the house stopped construction and sold the house due to the activity i dont know if its still for sale or what but it was a very uncomfortable work environment

  2. Yikes, that sounds creepy. I always wonder about the normal houses where murders/suicides/traumatic deaths occur…if future occupants notice anything weird. However, knowledge of the event could also make them attribute every bump and thump to ghosts. Power of suggestion and all that…

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