Reader Submission: Haunted in Kentucky

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“I used to live in a home in Kentucky when I was young. There are numerous experiences that I had there, and I was always very frightened in the home. I was 4, maybe 5. I am now 20 years old, and I remember clearly everything that happened to me and the things I felt in that house. I have recently learned some history about the place, but I can’t say it it’s true or not as I can’t find any records.

My grandparents’ room was right off the living room, and to get to my room (which I shared with my mother) you had to go through my grandparents’ room through a little hallway to the back room (my room). In that hallway, was the door that led to the basement. I would never walk through that hallway. I would bolt through to get to my room. I always felt that something was going to happen if I went slowly down that hallway. Something evil was there. On numerous occasions, I would hear what sounded like chains rattling in the basement. My aunt tells me now that it might have been where slaves were held at one point.

My things would often vanish. I could never find them. I always heard what sounded like a little girl laughing and running around in my room. I believe she took my things. I also learned that there supposedly was a little girl killed there by her father. He drowned her in the bathtub which was right next to my room.

Now, the most horrifying thing that happened there I can’t even begin to explain. My mother decided she wanted to move upstairs on the second floor. To get there, you had to go outside to a door that led upstairs. One night, my mom had me take a VCR down to my grandparents. I started walking down the stairs and when I got to the very bottom (the door was open), something big and black flew past my face. I started to scream, and the door slammed shut. I couldn’t get out. I was locked in.

I curled up in the corner and continued screaming until my aunt, the only person who heard me, came running from inside the house and fought to get the door open from the outside. She finally got me out, and I told her exactly what happened. Needless to say, I never went upstairs again. That day scared me so bad I never came back from that.

I know there are spirits out here, and I try my hardest to block the feelings. I don’t want to let them in. I have feelings all the time that something is with me and always will be with me. I don’t know what or who it is, but every day I feel like I am being watched and followed. I fight to keep it away.”

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