Reader Submission: I Love You


“I was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA.  I lived in an apartment with my husband off post in Hinesville.

When we moved into the apartment, the bathroom had long, dark hairs in the tub and sink and a woman’s bra behind the door. We didn’t think anything of it, we just cleaned our new bathroom and set up house.

During the night, as we slept, the house was silent and there was no disturbance except a sudden chill around two in the morning, which was a little odd since it was a good 85 – 90 degrees outside. In the morning, there were again long, black hairs all over the bathroom. This happened a few days in a row.

One morning we woke up and there was also lipstick on the mirror, scrawled out to say ‘I love you’ and what appeared to be blood drips above the shower. I don’t own any makeup and, I moved the bed to the living room after that. The hair stopped showing up, but the blood drips continued for another couple of weeks, along with the lipstick message.

I was becoming increasingly uneasy and moody. Before I moved out after leaving the military, one of our neighbors told us a young lady had killed herself in the bathroom while her husband had been deployed and broke up with her for someone in his unit.

I had never been so happy to be moving or leaving a career in my life.”

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