5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now


It’s time for another installment of bizarre haunted goods on eBay! In the past, we’ve had a cursed beer sign, a ghostly donkey, and a possessed Elf on the Shelf. Here’s what’s up for grabs this time around. To see a listing, simply click on the bold title. Happy browsing!

Haunted Spray Replicates Plastic Surgery

The Story: Folks who want to change their appearance need only spray this mystery liquid on their face. No need for a doctor!

“It’s like plastic surgery only cheaper and less painful.”

Yours For: $200 or Best Offer


Haunted Clown Head Calls for Sara

The Story: A giant clown head resided in a park before mysteriously appearing in the seller’s yard. The head now speaks in full sentences about someone named Sara.

“I’ve heard it say ‘Sara, your mother isn’t coming this time’ and ‘Sara, don’t play with Bart.’ On August 17 of last year it said ‘Happy Birthday Sara, you’re a big girl now.’

Yours For: $3,500 or Best Offer


Human Souls Priced to Move

The Story: Buy two souls, get another one free.

“A set of souls won by proving an unprovable point. You will receive an authorized letter signed in blood by one (1) human (male or female). After payment is received, you retain the right to release, trade or sell your newly acquired soul.


Yours For: $25.00 or Best Offer


Haunted Shape Shift Tea

The Story: The entrepreneur behind the plastic surgery spray also has some shape shift tea up for grabs.

“Drink and shape shift. My only one. Do not miss!”

Yours For: $50.00 or Best Offer


Bell Witch Chair Brings Bad Luck

The Story: A chair that once belonged to the ill-fated John Bell of the famous Bell Witch haunting can now bring bad luck to you.

“This will be the THIRD time this chair has been sold EVER. The chair has always been returned to us due to the severe paranormal experiences it brings to anyone that has purchased it. Previous owners have reported seeing full body apparitions, strange smells from sulfa to bacon and eggs cooking, strange noises such as graveled voices to wrapping on the walls, seeing the chair levitate and rock on its own.”

Yours For: $1,000 or Highest Bid Over $500.00


Have you ever found a haunted object? Share your story here!

8 thoughts on “5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now

  1. I would not want any of these items in my house! That being said, I have always thought it would be super cool to find an authentic vampire hunting kit. I saw one listed at an auction house in Atlanta not so long ago. It was too rich for my blood!

  2. whoever made that tea and spray should be booted off of ebay. this individual either knows its a scam and intends to rip ppl off or is just plain batsh*t crazy.

  3. I’ve seen these antique vampire hunting sets on most of the antique shows I’ve watched. Oddities is a good show for the really weird and unusual. Lots of one of a kind items. I can’t believe Ebay is allowing that scam artist to sell anything!

    • Its evilbay…. You could probably get away with selling your own mother on it if you wanted too haha.

  4. The price tag on the clown thing seems well high for what it is, its really hauted and doing your head in you’d want it gone…… Am I the the only one who thinks this is gag to make money. I’ll pick up some random priceless rubbish will go with a 3 legged dog teddy from £1 shop and say it has soul called Bob stuck in and he likes to say cheese and crackers every day and boom I’ll get at least £1k for it… see where Im coming from seems unrelistic that any of these items are haunted.

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