Reader Submission: Ghost Dog

black dog

“My husband and I bought our first house in 1993. We moved from Bernardsville, NJ to Phillipsburg, NJ. The house in Phillipsburg was built in 1905 or somewhere around that time frame. Our kitchen was an add-on; it was not part of the house when it was first built.

A few years later, my husband and I had a pool put in. We were always finding things buried in our yard, from marbles to parts of a doll. My husband told me that way back when people used to bury their garbage. We also had three dogs at this point, a Westie, a Yorkie mix, and an Australian Terrier. As soon as we put the pool in, that’s when things began to get strange.

My husband and I would be eating dinner in the kitchen with my chair facing the original part of the house. My husband had his back to it. Out of my peripheral vision, I would see a dog in the living room, right off the kitchen. This dog was all black. There was an archway between the kitchen and the small living room off the kitchen. I would see this dog walk over to archway and turn left towards where the original front door was.

None of our dogs were all black. The Westie was all white, the Australian Terrier was all tan, and the Yorkie mix was black and tan. Since I only caught a momentary glimpse, I would assume it was the Yorkie mix and I would say ‘Buster! Get in here.’ And every time, my husband would say ‘Honey, he’s right behind you.’ I’d turn, and sure enough he and the other two dogs would be sitting there.

From then on, every night at dinner time, I would see this dog! I would always assume it was Buster because who else could it be? I’d yell at him to come in the kitchen, and my husband would always say ‘He’s in here.’

One night, my husband and I went to a Halloween party (I don’t do drugs and I barely drink). When we got back, my husband and I were standing in the bathroom. I was washing my face and my husband was standing next to the sink. I happened to glance to my left and saw who I thought was Buster. So I said, ‘Mommy will be right out, honey.’ My husband said ‘Who are you talking to?’ And I said, ‘Buster.’ My husband looked over to where I was looking and said ‘Buster’s not there.’ ‘Yes he is Keith,’ I insisted.

By this time I had finished washing my face, and I walked out to the hallway to where ‘Buster’ was standing and said, ‘Daddy says you’re not here.’ Buster and I had this little game where I would stamp my feet and pretend to chase him. Buster would run a few feet away then turn and come back at me. But this time, ‘Buster’ ran away.

As I was following him down the hallway, I suddenly realized that it was NOT Buster. First of all, the dog I was chasing was a lot smaller than Buster and had none of Buster’s tan markings. Then the dog disappeared into the wall of our bedroom (that’s where the door to our bedroom was originally). We had recently put a rug in our bedroom which was a little high, so you really had to give the door a shove to get it open. When I got in our bedroom, Buster was fast asleep on the bed.

One morning I got up, and my husband said ‘I believe you about the black dog. I saw him with our dogs this morning. They chased him into the kitchen and I saw him disappear into the wall.’

We moved soon after, and I never saw the black dog again. I assume that when we put in the pool his grave was accidentally dug up. I hope he found peace.”

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