Reader Submission: Night Visitor

shadow person

“Hello! I would just like to start by saying that I get very frightened when it comes to paranormal experiences. I’m very intrigued in the topic, but sometimes it really scares me. I believe that I once had an experience. I’m not very sure if it counts, but I was very spooked and now it’s very hard for me to fall asleep at night.

Okay, so I was in my room and it was night-time. My dog was also in my room. I was trying to fall asleep when my dog got up and looked towards the corner of my room. He was staring, and when I called his name he didn’t respond. I looked over to the corner, and it immediately started to get darker. I closed my eyes, and I turned around and tried to forget it.

My dog eventually laid back down, but then I felt this very cold brush of air pass over my hands. Keep in mind that the heat was on full blast in my house. It felt as if I couldn’t feel my hands; it was like they had disappeared. I tried to ignore it, and the feeling eventually went away. Then my dog got up and started staring at the corner again.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a black shape. I couldn’t really make out what it was, but something passed over my eyes and I freaked out. I was truly scared. I looked over and once again it got darker. I closed my eyes and turned around. I was trying so hard to just fall asleep and forget.

The next thing that happened was probably the scariest part of all..I heard screaming. But only I heard it, and it sounded as if it was directly in my ear. It scared me so badly. It as a very faint scream and it kept going for a few seconds and then immediately stopped. Nothing else happened for the remainder of the night.

When I woke up, I told my dad I thought there was a ghost in my room. He didn’t believe me. I told my whole family and no one believed me! I still get very scared at night, and every time I walk into my room it feels as if there’s something there. Sometimes I hear faint noises, but nothing major. I would like to know if anyone has ever had a similar experience. Is there a way to get rid of whatever is in my room?”

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2 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Night Visitor

  1. Hmm not sure what to make of it. Regardless she should find someone who can perform Divinations and remove whatever it is from the home itself once they find out what or who this spirit is.

    If it’s a bad spirit, Salt will ward it off so she should surround the bed in Salt.

  2. I am having very same experiences as you in my bedroom with my pet dog too, i know how you feel, animals can see spirits but often you have to defantly check to make sure it’s not everyday things also make sure ur not paranoid I have had horrible experiences and I believe that praying to god and my passed away family helped me a lot as I felt protected also if their is a spirit there try my to let it feed off your fear, sincerely spiritcurious

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