Reader Submission: Ka-bala Possession


“Back in the early 1970’s there was game called Ka-Bala. It was supposed to be a fortune-telling game. This game was EVIL. There were tarot cards and the player were supposed to chant while this large, black marble spun around the board. Whenever the marble stopped, you had to pick up a tarot card and read it.

Anyhow, my sister got the game for Christmas when she was about 10 and I was 9. My younger sister and brother would use the game while the three older kids were at school. I had this little fairy doll that was my favorite. My younger sister would play with the doll while I was at school too. One day my younger sister said ‘Your doll comes to life.’ Not believing this for a moment, I said, challengingly, ‘Show me.” She picked up the doll and said ‘Be alive.’ And I know how crazy this sounds, but the doll’s body began to take on the look of human flesh. Being young and not understanding anything about demonic possession, I kept it…at first.

I soon began getting creeped out by the doll. I went to where my Mom was and told her I didn’t want the doll anymore because it was evil. When I got home the next day, the doll was on the desk next to my bed. It swiveled its head and said ‘Do NOT put me the garbage again!’ I went downstairs carrying the doll and said ‘Mom, I thought I asked to get rid of this!’ and she said ‘I did. I threw it in the garbage.’ The doll turned to my Mom and said ‘Don’t do that again!’

kabalaI found out from this entity that the Ka-Bala game was how the demon got into our house and entered the doll. My Mom called the maker of the game and found out that this was happening to everyone who owned the game. The maker said ‘Every day I get possessed dolls and stuffed animals in the mail with a note that says “It’s your problem now.” Please don’t send me yours.’ So we went to the post office and decided to send the doll to a dead letter office. We made up an address with NO RETURN ADDRESS and figured that was the end of the problem.

Two days later, we found the doll in our mailbox. I came home from school one day and under our crucifix was the doll, hanging in the same position as Christ. There were no nails. The doll just hung there. It would hang around the kitchen and blaspheme God.

We had a street lamp-like light that was attached to the kitchen counter. It was about 2 1/2 feet tall. My dad used about 100 rubber bands to affix the doll to the light and hold it in place. Finally, after months and months of torment, my Mom called a parish priest and he performed an exorcism on the doll. One final note: A few days later, I ran into a woman who lived nearby who was an actual witch. She came up to me and said ‘I guess you got that evil spirit out of your doll.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, how did you know that?’ and she said ‘Because that spirit came to my house and attacked me.’

Has a game attracted evil spirits to your home?  Share your story here!

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    This is one creepy story. I don’t really reblog here but this one is too good to not pass it on. I can’t believe there’s actually a game like that! AND two kids got to play it. Read about what happened… Enjoy doing so and don’t mind the goosebumps!

    • Hi Nicole
      Sorry that you don’t believe. I think its really low of you
      to leave a comment like that. Secondly I AM NOT A LIAR!
      MY FAMILY. And thirdly who asked you?

      • Omfg I’ve heard it all now! Lol. I can’t believe u really expect people to believe this horse shit! Hahahahahaha! Your the one that’s low for even thinking about telling this crap story!! You way over did it! Lol

      • I guess they won’t believe it until it happens to them……. They should try it if they don’t believe, but they won’t Cus deep down they no its possible…….

  2. very very scary I remember that game abd you know what i almost bought an old one on ebay, I will make sure I stay far away..

  3. I would love to hear from others who had the game and experienced paranormal events.
    Please write it hear I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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