Reader Submission: A Mysterious Call

aviation museum

Kansas Aviation Museum

“I am the director of the Kansas Aviation Museum which is housed in the historic Wichita Air Terminal, constructed between 1929 and 1933. I had worked as manager on duty for a wedding reception one Saturday night. The last guest departed at about 2 a.m. I turned out all the lights, locked up, and got in my vehicle to head home.

I had gone about half a mile when my cell phone rang. It was the museum fax number. Now, I was the last person out of the museum, and I had been gone not more than two minutes. Who could have gone into the museum in that amount of time and then why would they call me from our fax line? These were the questions that ran through my mind as I swung my car around and headed back to the museum.

As I approached, the gate was closed. I opened it remotely from my car and headed toward the building. No cars appeared to be anywhere inside that gate. I exited my vehicle and tried the door. Locked. I entered the building. No one in sight. I opened the office door. Again, no one. I turned off the alarm and approached the fax machine. When I picked up the receiver, there was no dial tone. I then pulled out the cabinet to find that the wire leading to the jack was not plugged into the wall.

In other words, I had received a call on my cell phone from an empty office and a fax machine that was not plugged into the outlet from which it would have received a dial tone. I quietly exited the building and went home.

There are many more incidents like this that I could share about my six years at the Kansas Aviation Museum.”

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