Ghost Photo: Graveyard Ghoul?

ghost charleston sc

The filtered photo above comes from the Unitarian Church graveyard in Charleston, SC. The same unfiltered photo is posted below. According to the original source, a site called Jeff and Kim’s Love Shack, a couple visited the cemetery in 2004 and captured this female form in the background.

Is it really a human figure? Or merely a trick of a shadow and light? The infamous female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher, was reportedly buried in the Unitarian graveyard, and the photographers wonder if the ‘woman’ in the photo might be her. What do you believe?

ghost photo graveyard

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2 thoughts on “Ghost Photo: Graveyard Ghoul?

  1. For me it almost looks as though there is a monument that is causing the illusion with the leaves…. even if so It’s fascinating that out minds can play tricks on us like that! 🙂

    • It looks like a figure with it’s face covered with a blur. To me it doesn’t really look like a real ghost cuz of the way it’s position and the negative photo shows what looks like a long sleeve with a long shadow :/ eh could be real. Who knows what lurks in this world 😛

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