Reader Submission: The Presence


“Here is a true experience I’d like to share with you. This happened when I was 17 years old.

My family and I moved to a very old rental home. The first six months were okay, but as the days passed, strange things started happening. My mother always used to say that she saw someone moving around the house.

Once, a very horrifying thing happened to me. I remember that my brother-in-law came for dinner one night. We used to have a maid that stayed with us. We were all having dinner at the table, and our maid was having dinner sitting on the floor. We all saw her having dinner on the floor. Suddenly, the maid was standing near our main door. We all got frightened as one girl cannot be at the two places at the same time. After a minute, she disappeared from the main door. My father said that maybe it was our imaginations.

Strange things happened to me from then on. I used to sleep in the main hall of our house. In the middle of the night, at 2 a.m., some force would wake me up and make me sit. I checked my watch and it was always 2 a.m. I’d then go to the sofa and sleep. This happened to me for almost a week. Every day some force would wake me up at 2 a.m.

I was frightened and told my parents what happened. My mother immediately told everybody to find a new house as she’d heard strange stories about our home and a girl who had committed suicide there.

In the mean time Bakhrid came. We were Muslims, and everybody used to sacrifice sheep. We bought four sheep the day before, and on the morning of Bakhrid we found two of the sheep dead. One of the dead animals was still standing. It was a horrifying moment for us. We moved the next day.”

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  1. About 2 yrs as my husband and were in bed early in the morning I happened to look over at the bedroom door and saw my husband walk in to the bedroom at least I thought it was my husband I turned over there in bed he was sound to sleep I could not figure it out split second he was undressed in bed sound to sleep when he woke I asked way he was up and dress so early he said he wasn,t of course I believed him because he was in bed sleeping the whole thing seemed crazy .sadly a few months ago my dear husband passed away and 18 days after which happened to be his birthday had he lived ,I woke up early in the morning the replica of him wearing the same clothing that I had seen him in before I did not feel afraid . would guess that it was a doppelganger when my husband was still living I asked if he passed before me if there was any way he could let me know he was ok were ever he was so the doppelganger came in his place to let me know he was ok seems crazy but its a true story . thanks..

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