Reader Submission: The Ghost Boy

demon child

“I wanted to share a story with you, hopefully with feedback, because a lot of weird things have been happening lately and we don’t know what’s going on. I have two stories and am wondering if they’re connected.

My first experience with a ghost happened when I was about four years old and living in Colorado in base housing. I used to have a friend named J.J. He was my age and wore footie pajamas every time I saw him. I thought he was the neighbor’s kid and we would always talk in the closet. I remember his face and remember him as a real person, but years later I found out there never was a J.J. My parents told me they thought I was talking to a ghost because J.J. never existed. I would just be talking in the closet by myself.

My parents also told me a lot of stories about hearing a kid running around in that house while we were sleeping and toys randomly going off. They even have a picture of me in that house with a huge white orb around my legs, one that’s transparent. But after we moved all of that stopped.

Now it’s 18 years later and strange things are starting to happen again. I live in a new house in Utah, and I’ve lived there for a while now with no problems. Recently my grandpa, who I’ve been taking care of, has passed away. During that time I was starting to get back into heroin so my ex-girlfriend moved in with me to make sure I didn’t get addicted again. Since then things have been getting crazy.

When we fight, things start knocking in the middle of the night, like my door and my closet door, or my window blinds will bang, almost like someone picked it up and swung it against the window. In the bathroom, we’ve both heard faint merry-go-round music when nothing in the house is on. And when I’m alone, things turn on that have dead batteries or things that haven’t worked for years.

I can’t tell if it’s my grandpa being mad at me because I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing or if its J.J. who has been with me all along and sees that I’m not doing too good. Or maybe it’s neither and it’s a demon. I just hope I can find someone who can tell me what’s going on. That music stuff if freaky though, and being in this house is starting to drive me insane!”

Does anyone have ideas about how to help this reader? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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5 thoughts on “Reader Submission: The Ghost Boy

  1. If I were to stay in the house, I would probably do a smudging, at least to start. I hope this gets better for you fast.

  2. The first experience was you were talking to a supposedly an “imaginary friend” but you were actually talking to a ghost. The second ghost is your grandpa haunting you.

  3. With regards to the music, it’s a possibility that the sound is being carried on the wind. I remember staying somewhere where someone was having a party and the sound of the music was really irritating but when we looked into where the party was, it was miles away and the sound was being carried to us on the wind. As you’re only hearing the music when you’re in the bathroom, perhaps there is some kind of music source outside on that side of the building, albeit it could be quite some distance from you,and that’s why you’re hearing the music.

    You’ve obviously been going through a very tough time what with your grandfather passing away and stress can do very strange things to a person. I obviously never knew your grandfather but I should think the last thing he’d want to do is frighten you by haunting you and you mustn’t go upsetting yourself by thinking your being stalked by demons either.

    Things will calm down, it will all pass –

    • My grandpa still haunts my mom as well as my grandma even though they’re in a country far from us. It is possible his grandpa is haunting him because he wants to take care of his grandson from beyond the grave and also thank him for taking care of him. It’s very possible might haunt you that’s a relative cuz I know myself.

      • Absolutely – what I meant to say was I doubt a grandfather would want to frighten his own grandson. I’m sure the strange noises etc can most likely be rationally explained.

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