Reader Submission: The Ghost Girl

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“I have a few ghost experiences, and they may seem sketchy to you, it’s up to you to believe. It’s 100% the truth.

It mainly was/started when I lived in Washington. I believed in ghosts and weird things, some supernatural ideas. Ghosts always interested me, but I freaked out every time I heard one.

The first time I heard/saw one was on my phone. It was a flip phone. I was in 7th grade then, so of course I didn’t have anything better. I was recording a music video from TV onto my phone. I was alone in the room, everyone else was downstairs, nap time. I finished the recording, then I listened to it. About midway through (I’m getting goosebumps already), I heard a voice, a little girl’s voice. She was whining and saying, “Owww! My back hurts…” She repeated that twice and then I heard nothing. I was freaking out.

Then one other time, I was sitting alone in my room again. I was laying on my bed. Then, all of a sudden, the cable box on top of the TV fell. Nobody was running or anything. It was silent.

Next, I would dream of this girl. A short girl in a white gown. I thought nothing of it. But I woke up one night and looked over. I have a closet that is under a slanted roof ceiling. Standing by the closet door was the same girl. She took a step forward, and I shut my eyes. When I opened them, she was gone. I couldn’t fall back asleep.

My last encounter in this house was late at night. It was around midnight, everyone was sleeping. I had to use the bathroom. We had only one, which was at the end of the stairs. I started down the stairs, and it was dark and silent. Then, when my ear was nearly against the wall, I heard a loud ‘Boo!’ My ear was facing the wall, with nobody awake. I was terrified, I ran back upstairs.

Those all happened in one house, my house in Washington. I was always wondering if I’d hear those voices again. But then I moved back to California.

The last time I saw something paranormal was while I was at a friends’ house. This was also in 7th grade. We got bored, and nobody was home. We thought we’d be geniuses and put on a bathing suit. So we put our bathing suits on and then turned on the bathtub water. She got in and closed the curtains, but I didn’t want to get in yet. I went to the kitchen to get a drink, and then went back to the bathroom. She was standing up with the curtains open. She told me, ‘Was that you? A second ago?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know. I went to get a drink.’ And she said ‘But did you put your hand against the curtain?’ I shook my head.

She was freaking out. So then I got in the shower also. We sat in the hot water. We both sat back a bit, facing the curtain. Then we both saw it: a hand a bit bigger than ours pushing against the curtain. It was a dark silhouette. I rushed to open the curtain, but nobody was there.”

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