Reader Submission: The Woodland Entity

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“A large black entity lives in the woods outside our home in Panama City, FL. My family believes the reason we see so much weird stuff is because the land our neighborhood was built on was once woods. We believe the beings we encounter once resided in the woods that were destroyed to make our neighborhood.

Behind our neighborhood is a large recreation park. Our neighborhood and the recreational park are surrounded by miles of dense woods and swampy areas. Anyways, we often see the being outside our chain link fence in the backyard. It is a large black being that has appeared in our dreams and has shown itself a couple times to me and other members of the family. When this creature is present it scares the crap out of our three dogs.The being likes to knock on doors and windows but cannot come into the house (thank God!). We notice that it comes to the fence every night when we let the dogs out one last time before everyone goes back inside for bed.

One night, my husband and I decided to sit outside with one of the dogs while she did her potty business out back. She kept barking, and the hair stood up on her back. She is a big dog, not afraid of the bears or coyotes that live in the woods behind our house. We knew she was genuinely spooked. She is a 140 lb Newfie who is not afraid to show her teeth. That was when I saw the black entity bouncing off the tops of the trees like a bird. It disappeared into the shadows of the tree and I saw nothing but my husband and I felt watched. Then we noticed that our dog started attacking the fence. She suddenly backed away from the fence and tried desperately to herd us back into the house. We heard loud footsteps trudging away and shined a flashlight immediately in the direction of the footsteps but saw nothing.

Does this thing not like us for taking away its wooded home? Is it a nature spirit? A demon? I am planning on documenting these strange occurrences with digital cameras, recorders, and hopefully infrared or night vision cameras as well. I also hope to capture EVPs to share along with my stories.”

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2 thoughts on “Reader Submission: The Woodland Entity

  1. If it were a spirit sooner or later it would find a way into the home. Especially a Nature Spirit. Hmm

  2. In my personal experience with woodland spirits, They are typically friendly, and curious. They may seem intimidating at times, with their actions or appearance, but they are more interested in making sure you are well informed that they are there. Take it with a grain of salt, similar to a backwoods neighbor who comes to say goodnight, but your dogs have an issue, seeing as how it is out of the physical range. dogs are protective by nature, and being spooked by an entity like that is very normal. From the sound of it, with the *trudging footsteps* you heard, i’m lead to believe that it was a Earth Elemental which, when viewed by the naked eye by most folk, appear as dead space or “missing matter”. It would look not as though there way a black object, but more of a lack of object, causing the area in which the entity is occupying to appear as black space. That would be a matter of a form of “cloaking” similar to that of most spirits, but more intense. Earth Elementals are curious beings, and you should feel blessed to share an area with it. I recommend placing a small dish of honey(about 3 tablespoons) and sunflower(roughly 15-20) seed outside your fence for a few nights with a small cover (a milk crate, or cardboard box will work) and check on it periodically. If the cover has not been moved, and the dish has substance missing from it, you are indeed dealing with an Earth Elemental. By doing this, its an act of “good neighborly will” and will be taken as a friendship offering. If, by chance, this works, and substance is missing, leave it uncovered from that point. Earth Elemental have very kindred-based spirits, and not only will they enjoy your offering, but with it uncovered, the critters of the Forrest can have at it, which is similar to our version of “take this housewarming gift for you and your family” and they will like you more. The most interesting case of an Earth Elemental I have ever encountered involved a location similar to yours, in which the family involved had a problem with coyotes coming to the fence and snarling at the dogs, and after making an offering to the spirit that they had similar experiences with, there was a night of which, while snarling at the dogs, the Coyotes were run off by a “floating black mist” that scared them away, and similarly *trudged* into the woods. If you wish to know more about what may be happening, Feel free to E-mail me at * * (subject: Woodland Entity) and I’ll respond whenever possible. Hope my information helped, and I hope you have a pleasant time.

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