Reader Submissions: 3 True Ghost Stories


In the mood for a creepy read? Here are three chilling tales from Ghost and Ghouls readers. We’ve got ghostly teachers, Ouija-summoned demons, and a malevolent hunter from beyond the grave. Sweet dreams!

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An Angry Hunter

“I lived at my parent’s house in Hopkinton, MA until 2012,  from the time I was 9 years old until the time I was 24. I always knew something was creepy about that house since it used to be an old hunting lodge.

My first experience happened when I was 11. My grandfather passed away, and one night after his funeral I was in bed and saw a man in the corner of my room that looked like my grandfather. I said goodbye and he looked at me and walked out.

My second experience happened when I had a friend sleep over. We slept in the den and next to the den was a mudroom with creepy stairs. I heard a heavy banging sound coming from the stairs, so I went to check it out and saw what looked like a hunter. He was wearing hunting boots and camouflage and had a gun on him. I was freaked out.

After that, I didn’t have any experiences until I was in my 20’s. I was about to go to sleep but the room felt different, and not in a good way. I had a nervous feeling. All of a sudden, I saw a dark shadow, but I could only make out its face. It came toward me and got in my face and I felt threatened and scared. I immediately turned over and covered my head with the blanket. I eventually fell asleep that way.

Later that year, my friend told me that the dark spirit I saw was also the ghost of the hunter and that it wanted to harm me. My friend considers herself somewhat of a clairvoyant. Now, every time I stay at my parents’ house, I will only go into my old room when it’s light out. I sleep in the guestroom down stairs. I’m too freaked out to do otherwise!”

Ghost at the Old School House

“There’s an old 1922 school house in Cassadaga, NY that was remodeled into apartments. My mom, sister, and I moved into the old the school after my mom broke up with her boyfriend. We were happy to get out of his house. The apartment was no dream home, but it was a place to stay. However, weird stuff happened there.

The air always felt thick and we would always feel watched. I heard creepy sounds too. An old woman with a cane lived downstairs. She was creepy. I think she was doing bad things to make the ghost come. I don’t know.

My mom eventually found a new boyfriend and he moved in. As he was unpacking, he saw a ghostly woman in a white dress. I think she was a teacher. When he looked up, she disappeared. I believe that I saw her once too.

That’s not the only weird stuff that happened though. One night, my sister Hope woke up and saw that her bed had moved into the closet. There were marks on the hardwood floor from the bed. Creepy! Another time, mom and Hope were talking when a black shadow appeared between them. It was shaped like a man. Creepy! On a different day, Hope and her friend were playing a game, and her friend had his hand out to read a card when three red balls fell from God knows where into his hand. We didn’t own any balls like that. Creepy! Something weird happened ever day, like sinks turning on by themselves. Why do these things happen?”

Evil Ouija Spirits

“Last weekend, I stayed at my grandparents’ house. I asked my grandfather about Oujia boards because my friend Eve was planning to try one out the following week. I’ve watched tutorials and seen personal experiences on YouTube, and they made me a bit worried. I explained all this to my grandad, and he understood my fear.

My grandad is 55 years old and was in the Army when he was younger. Then, he told me all about his experience with spirits.I’m going to use his speech for this story:

‘This happened when I was in the Army many years ago.

Me and my army buddies decided to mess with an Oujia Board for fun. We were sitting on the wet forest floor when we tried it, and the board kept shaking. In the end, we contacted a spirit. The spirit told us that he was evil and from a kingdom of darkness. My best friend Roy thought the Ouija board was stupid and chose not to believe in abnormal beings.

He walked away and accidentally stumbled into a forest trap we’d planted for our enemies. The fence shot up from the ground and sliced him. We remember the blood. I can still remember telling his daughter Lizzie about his death and how it was a terrible accident. We think it was the evil demon spirits though. I stood up and threw the board and that’s when Roy got killed. I passed out from the shock of seeing my best bud’s dead body lying there.

When I woke up, my body ached. That’s when I saw the bloody hand print on my trousers. I asked all of my friends and team members, but none of them how it got there.  I told the medical staff that Roy had died, but when they went out to search for his body it wasn’t there. They searched for hours but found nothing. Somehow had Roy moved. There is no way he could have survived the fence trap. I mean, I checked for a pulse. Nothing…’

To this day, Roy’s body is still missing. My grandad and all of his Army friends are certain it was because of the evil spirits. Never play with an Oujia board!”