Reader Submission: Mischievous Ghost Girl

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“There was this lady named Vikki that used to live across the road from me. I used to go there every day until something strange happened.

One day, Vikki told me she felt someone playing with her hair, but that was impossible because there was no one else around. She put my hand up near the wall, and I could feel someone touching my hand and moving it around. I got creeped out and thought it was a prank, but it wasn’t. Every time I went to her house, I felt the cold thing walk past me!

Vikki has since moved out, and there is a new lady living there. Now things have started happening to her. She told me she put her car key in the kitchen but when she walked away and came back it wasn’t there. It was on top of sink! When she wakes up, all the lights and doors are open!

The ghost’s name is Lilly, and she is a 6 to 9 year-old-girl who died in the home. She will not pass! Every time I go over there, she makes noises to freak me out. I tell her to stop, but she makes things worse and turns on the TV. I don’t know what do. Please help us. She thinks it’s funny to see people upset!”

Does anyone have advice for this reader?

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3 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Mischievous Ghost Girl

  1. They only want to be recognized by us, they were once human themselves, should tell her she’s dead and to go to god, to walk towards the light/ or bridge for children that it’s safe and her family is waiting for her to come home.

  2. Whether you believe in a faith or not, try saying the name of Jesus Christ to see what the spirit’s reaction is. Sing or play sacred hymns also. If it doesn’t seem to like it, it isn’t Lilly- it’s an imposter. Imposters like to lie, and boast, and show off whatever power they have. It’s all for show, but if you have the Light in you, the imposter has to listen to you when you tell it to stop and to leave. If that doesn’t work, get a person who does spiritual house cleaning to come do it. Don’t put it off because they tend to gain momentum.

  3. Honestly, just treat her like the misbehaving girl she is being. If she throws a temper tantrum and starts throwing things, let her. She’ll tire soon enough.

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