5 Haunted Chain Restaurants and Shops


The typical haunting takes place in an abandoned asylum or dilapidated mansion on the edge of town. However, sometimes ghosts lurk in the most mundane of locations, such as the florescent-lit aisles of a local Wal-Mart or the bathroom of a popular fast food joint. Here are 5 haunted chain restaurants and shops in America.

Haunted Wal-Mart

The ghost of a woman killed in an elevator accident reportedly haunts the Wal-Mart in Panorama City, CA. According to reports, a female apparition appears on the third floor, and merchandise tumbles to the ground when there’s no one around. Eerie feelings in the elevators and upper floors is another common complaint. One evening, a department manager heard someone call his name and felt a tap on his back. However, no one was there when he turned around.

Note: Someone really did die in an elevator accident at this location, but it wasn’t a woman. It was a 15-year-old boy named Durrell Beazer. In 1985, Beazer and two friends got stuck in the elevator and crawled out through the top. Unfortunately, the elevator then moved and crushed Durrell with its weights. The accident happened at The Broadway department store which is now Wal-Mart.

walmart panorama city

Haunted K-Mart

In Coeur d’Alene, ID, it isn’t the K-Mart itself that is haunted but rather a register at the store. Last October, The Coeur d’Alene Press reported that a poltergeist haunts cash register No. 2.

According to store manager Lauren Larson, the pesky machine regularly freezes up, dumps its memory, and erases items mid-transaction. Whenever technicians come to repair the register, it works perfectly until they leave. Larson called the machine “an independent thinker” that regularly “loses its mind.” Employees, naturally, hate working on the device and want to smash it.
haunted kmart

Haunted McDonald’s

A gas station once sat at the site of the McDonald’s in Cuero, TX. Two deaths reportedly occurred on the property: a boy who died after his mother mistakenly ran him over and a mechanic who was crushed under a car. Now, diners and employees hear strange sounds and the restaurant’s toilets flush by themselves. The walk-in cooler also mysteriously switches itself off from the inside.
mcdonalds cuero tx

Haunted Pizza Hut

It seems McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food joint with alleged ghosts in the bathroom. A spirit reportedly haunts the women’s restroom at a Centereach, NY Pizza Hut.

Legend has it someone died in the restroom when the restaurant was a Jack in the Box. No one’s sure if the victim was a man or a woman or if the person died by murder or suicide. However, now employees reportedly hear whispering in the bathroom and sense cold spots throughout the building. Pots and pans also fall off shelves on their own accord.

Here’s a video investigation of the facility with supposed proof of a ghost.

pizza hut

Haunted Subway

Odd activity at the Subway restaurant in Dodgeville, IA includes items that fly off shelves, door beepers that go off for no reason, and sandwiches that cut themselves when employees aren’t looking. A horrid stench also overpowers the building.

The property used to house a Harvey Davidson store, but the couple that owned the shop died in a head-on collision in the 1980s. Employees occasionally see a thin woman in her 50s standing at the register, but she disappears when approached. Some staff members believe the woman is the former bike shop owner.

subway restaurant

Believe it or not, the places featured above aren’t the only haunted Wal-Marts or Pizza Huts in the country. Tales abound of haunted chains in America, including ghostly Taco Bells, Burger Kings, Red Lobsters, and Arbys. Is one of them in your hometown?

Have you encountered a ghost at a chain store or fast food restaurant? Share your story here!

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2 thoughts on “5 Haunted Chain Restaurants and Shops

  1. My big Kmart is haunted. I work as a cashier, when we total someone out, we have a machine that prints coupons. One day when it printed out a long coupon, the machine stopped mid print and started rolling the tape back up into the machine. OMG. It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen. I’ve never seen a ghost work, but I have witnesses to this one. It was freaky. That was register number 4. I hope I don’t get in trouble for this.

  2. I work at mcdonald’s. A few yeard back a little girl had a heart attack and died in the play area, people see and hear stuff ever since. When I first started there I thought my manager would tell me to freak me out. But then one of my friends told me she saw her through the cameras, another heard giggling and running around in the play area at night when there was no way a child could be there because we close it at 10. I always get a creepy feeling around there. She sometimes knocks stuff over and such. Never have I seen her, and hopefully I never do. I hate going to the restroom when I do overnight because a lot of people have heard her in there, even customers.

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