The Best Digital Recorders for Capturing EVPs


Electronic voice phenomenon, or EVPs, offer some of the most intriguing evidence for ghosts. So which digital recorders are best for capturing EVPs? Here’s a brief guide to help paranormal investigators choose a quality device.

Best Recorders for Ghost Hunting

Though any recorder will work, most investigators recommend digital devices as analog recorders may pick up their own internal workings. EVPs are often very faint and difficult to detect, so sound quality is crucial. Another advantage of digital recorders is that users may upload sound files to their computer to analyze, enhance, and store. If you’re in the market for a digital recorder, look for one with a USB port for easy file transfer.

Digital recorders may come with a variety features, including backlit displays, external microphones, and voice activation. Some investigators advise against voice-activated recorders as the device may start in the middle of an occurrence. As many EVPs are quite short, typically only a word or two, investigators don’t want a device that could miss potential evidence. It’s also difficult to decipher EVPs if the first part is missing.

Though preferences vary, many investigators prefer recorders with buttons that are easy to find in the dark or those with a backlit display. Olympus, Sony, and Panasonic are all well-trusted brands. I have the Sony ICD-PX312 which has served me well so far. I’ve unfortunately never recorded an EVP, unless you count this pathetic offering.

Best-Selling Digital Recorders

Fortunately for paranormal investigators, many digital recorders are priced under $100. Several recorders are available for half that. Not sure where to start? Check out’s “Best Sellers in Digital Voice Recorders” for inspiration. Here are a few products trending now (January 2017):

Other options:

Current Best Selling Digital Recorders

If you’re an experienced investigator, what digital recorder do you recommend for ghost hunting?

Examples of EVPs

YouTube is full of EVP recordings, as are sites operated by paranormal investigation teams. If you’re curious about electronic voice phenomenon, click around to get a feel for what kind recordings people collect. Believe it or not, most EVPs were captured by simple digital recorders, not high-tech audio equipment.

Good luck, and happy EVP hunting!

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5 thoughts on “The Best Digital Recorders for Capturing EVPs

  1. My favorite are the Sony PX recorders, though the trend is moving toward more expensive recorders with external microphones to avoid noises from handling them, plus they record a much wider range of sound. I am also a big fan of recording with at least two digital audio recorders at once (at least for my home experiments). This allows you to doubly make sure those moments where you wheeze, scratch your nose, or other similar things aren’t mistaken for spirit voices. I always use a much better recorder, like my Tascam and an external mic, with a cheaper recorder for variance. Britt Griffith (from Ghost Hunters) recommended a recorder that I’m looking into, but I don’t have the name with me at the moment.

    • How often do you go about trying to record EVPs? I’ve only used my recorder two or three times unfortunately.

      • I came across this site & would like to put my 2 cents in…I know 6 months have passed, but, I use a Sony ICD-PX 312. I’ve found that the noise control works very well. I’ve gotten hundreds of EVPs at any time of the day, anywhere. Of course, I try to find a quiet place…and usually record 2 minute intervals. I have phenomenal examples that people can’t believe…I’ve heard my own voice replicated, as well as others that I know and are no where close. I got my sister’s voice once in my childhood home. I get bored with it…but will get involved again if I go somewhere interesting. NO ONE has been able to tell me what these recordings are. I am a college graduate (not that it should matter)…but, I KNOW what I hear is NOT random noises or “signals”. Initially, I tried to disprove the idea of EVPs…but, boy was I wrong!

  2. I am a newbie at this and just experienced a capture of an EVP on multiple devices. Unfortunately the digital recorder is not coming in clear over the Spirit Box scan, as did the video camera that caught is clearly. Both were timed and are at the exact same spot after I asked a question and made a comment that the spirit responded to. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best combination of settings: Record / Playback / Scene ( I am using 2 of the Olympus WS-822 4gig digital recorders) to ensure the best capture and playback for EVP’s. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.

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