Reader Submission: Haunted

ghostly woman

“I’ve had weird experiences throughout my life, starting at age 11. One night I was on the computer up way later than I should have been when I heard a noise in the kitchen and figured it was my dad. About 10 minutes later, I looked in because I thought he had fallen asleep at the table (happened frequently due to sleep issues), but no one was there. I then went back to the computer and while staring at the screen, I saw someone walk from the kitchen and into the hallway. It scared me pretty good. I ran to my room which I shared with my little sister and eventually fell asleep.

For a long time after that, I would hear random things during the days and nights. There was a Beanie Baby crab that I kept behind my door on one of those corner shelves. Almost every day it would be in the middle of my room on the floor when I came back home from school. Nothing too scary happened for a long time until I was about 18.

Night Visitor

My family and I moved to Norfolk,VA, and I didn’t have a room at the time so I slept in the living room. My dad is normally always awake, especially at night, so I had laid down on the couch with my body facing the wall. I started feeling as if someone had entered the living room. I kept my eyes closed, again thinking it was dad. This feeling got more intense, like whoever it was was walking right up to me. I heard what sounded like pant legs rubbing together from walking. I felt them walk closer, around the couch, as if they were standing behind me leaning their head over mine. I was scared but refused to open my eyes. I then felt something lean down by my ear and whisper ‘Amy.’ I even got the tingling feeling you get when someone whispers in your ear. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran upstairs to my brother’s room. I was afraid to look behind me, but I did anyways and no one was there.


creepy_closetAfter a year of being in Norfolk, we moved back to Virginia Beach. My room had a big walk-in closet, and I would always hear strange noises. I know the neighborhood had roof rats so I figured that must be it. One day I had my friend over, and she was going to stay the night. As we were sitting there talking, we heard a loud scratching noise coming from the closet, but it sounded as if it was on the door of the closet. My friend refused to stay and left about two minutes later. Nothing had fallen down or anything! As I cleaned out my closet about a month later, my shoulder started to burn and itch. I looked over and saw two scratches. I ran downstairs to show my older sister who believed what was happening to me. As she looked, a third scratch mark showed up. We were both completely freaked out, and I slept downstairs for awhile.

Unseen Visitor

I got a puppy, and from the first day he whined and cried while staring at my closet door. I kept it shut for a long time. He eventually had to be put to sleep due to a medical condition which could not be helped. I also worked at this vet, and on my way home that night I cried and had a weird feeling someone was in the car with me. My little sister and her son were at my house when I got there, so I stopped and talked to them before going upstairs. My nephew came up for a few minutes then went back down. About 15 minutes later I went down to eat, and my nephew said ‘Where is your friend?’ I asked ‘What friend?’ He then said, ‘The girl you came in with. The girl who was on your bed.’ I told him there was no girl, but he said ‘Yes there is. I saw her. She’s wearing a blue shirt. Her name is Katie.’ Again, I was very freaked out and slept downstairs.

I eventually met my neighbor who is now my fiance and the father of my two children. Before we moved in together, we would stay up late hanging out and talking about everything. I told him about my experiences. He believed me and even felt scared for me. The last thing to happen before moving into our new home and before the kids was this:

The Woman in White

woman in white ghostI got home late and laid on my bed. My TV and light were on because I was afraid to be in my room. I had to be up in two hours for work so I closed my eyes. The next thing I remember is waking up to the light turned off. I then saw a tall woman in a long, white dress. She had long, dark brown hair and was pacing back in forth beside me. I laid still, afraid to move, and then I saw her get closer. All I wanted to do was get up and turn on my light. The closer she got, the harder it was for me to move. I then saw her hand, her arm reaching towards my face. When I saw her hand I screamed. It looked like a dead hand/arm. Very bony and old looking, like it had been decaying. Because of my screams, my mom ran in and kept saying  ‘What? What’s wrong?’ I yelled to her to please, please turn on my light!!! She did and the hand was gone.. She never saw it, but I did. I saw it and I felt it. I finally moved out and we now have our kids.

The Thing Upstairs

Nothing much happened after that, until recently. I was cleaning the house and it was late. My baby was sleeping, and my toddler was with her grandmother. We have two roommates who I thought were home at the time, and my fiance was at work. I was vacuuming and started doing the stairs. I got about halfway up when I felt extremely scared. I felt as if someone was watching me, daring me to go up any further. I stopped and stared. Nothing was there, but the feeling took over me. I knew if I went up any further something was going to hurt me. I was sure I would be pushed down the stairs. I then went to the bottom, turned off the vacuum, and sat in the living room.

I then heard a very loud noise from my roommate’s room right above me. It sounded like something fell and tumbled across the room. I heard footsteps, but I figured it was one of the roommates. Then a toy of my daughters started going off. It hadn’t been touched in a long time and you have to press on the feet, hands, or ears to turn it on. It said ‘I love you,’ and ‘Can I have a hug?’ It laughed and then said ‘Bye bye!’ I didn’t move from that spot until I saw my roommates walk in the front door. I asked how long they had been gone, and they said it had been a few hours. I told them I heard something fall in their room. My roommates checked it out but saw nothing out of place.

My toddler at times will wake up screaming and stare at the corner of her bedroom. I was rearranging her room one night when I felt someone there watching me. I was scared so I started to rush and eventually gave up and ran downstairs.

Grandma’s Legacy

I try to pretend it isn’t happening but sometimes its too much for me. My father says it’s me that’s haunted and whatever/whoever is following me wherever I go. I’ve never met my father’s mom, but my parents tell me she was a true witch, not the good kind, and my parents haven’t spoken to hear since before my oldest sister was born. When she passed away, my uncle found my dad to inform him of her passing and that she had left things for us. In a box there was one thing marked for me, a porcelain doll named Amy. It was very creepy and I refused to keep it.”

Does anyone have advice for this reader? She asked for input about her situation.

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2 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Haunted

  1. go to a priest. nd search about the girl who has been haunting you for so long. find about your grandmother too because she is the main reason these things have been happening to you. nd the doll maybe dangerous 😐

  2. Hi. I would definitely go to a priest. It sounds like a demon. Demons attach themselves to objects and/or people and tend to follow a particular person throughout their life. This may explain why the entity is with you no matter where you live. Demons like to start out simple and make it seem like it may just be a harmless spirit. But the attacks and activity increases to dangerous levels. I.E: The scratches on your body, the feeling of danger… I would have a priest come and cleanse your home, especially since there are kids involved.

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