Reader Submission: Evil at Home


“I am a single mother of three kids, two girls and my son. Me and their father had just broken up so I moved out of our house with the kids and moved closer to my parents. I was working as a manager at a restaurant and my income wasn’t much. I ended up renting a house in my parents’ town for really cheap. It was a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom ranch style house. It needed some TLC, but I didn’t mind.

After we moved in and settled down, I started hearing scratching in the walls. I’m terrified of mice so I got a cat from the shelter. However, the scratching never stopped. The cat I got was a friendly and cuddly, and I thought she was just lazy.

Soon after getting the cat, I heard bangs at night. I’d be asleep and would wake up to banging on the walls. I would check on my kids and they would all be asleep. My cat slept with my oldest daughter and I would see her hissing at certain spots of the room with her hair standing up. The scratching and banging went on for a few weeks.
One night I was making dinner and I heard growling coming from my bedroom. However, it didn’t sound like any animal I’d ever heard. I assumed it was the cat, but my cat was on the couch with all my kids. The noise scared me, but I brushed it off.

I told my mom about the banging, scratching, and growling, and she said I was imagining it all. She said I was stressed from the move and the recent breakup with my kid’s father. I didn’t believe her, but was willing to brush it off.

Little things happened around the house after that. For example, the electricity would malfunction, things would disappear, and there’d be little noises I couldn’t place. One night I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when something caught my eye. I saw a figure in the hall, passing by the door. It looked like a human crawling on all fours. I was so scared because it looked like a grown up, not like any of my kids (who were all asleep at the time anyway). I ran into my room and slept under the covers that night.

When I awoke the next morning, my bedroom door and my daughters’ and son’s doors were all shut. I never shut our doors, so I asked the older girls if they did it. They said no. I called my mom and asked if we could stay the weekend. And we did.

When we got home that Sunday night, my house was trashed. There was furniture turned over, lamps knocked over, cabinets open, drawers open, lights flickering, etc. I immediately went back to my parents’ house and called the police. The police investigated, but since nothing was stolen there wasn’t much they could do.

I decided I wasn’t going to stay at the house anymore. One day my mom was in my kids’ room helping them get stuff packed, and I was in my room packing clothes and things I would need. When I was in the walk-in closet, I heard a voice. To this day, I can’t explain how it sounded. It was like a deep, guttural, throaty, raspy whisper. I couldn’t hear what it said. I just heard it. I hurried out of my room and told my mom and kids it was time to go. As we were leaving the house, a figure in my room caught my eye. It reached the top of the doorway, but when I looked closer it was gone.

I never did go back to that house. My brothers ended up moving all of our stuff out.”

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