Reader Submission: The Girl in the Picture


“I actually did not believe in ghosts until a few days ago. I do pet sitting and started at a new house this week watching their three cats. I had to bring my two girls with me, aged 6 and 9 most of the times I went.

After the girls went in the house a few times they told me it was a ‘creepy’ house. They also saw an odd, old picture of a young girl in the hallway by the bathroom and said it was ‘scary’ and didn’t want to look at it (image below). The last few times I went I got goosebumps and felt like something was watching me…. I could not explain it. I also thought the old picture of the girl in the hall was a bit creepy. It just gave you an odd vibe looking at it. I felt like I couldn’t run out of the house fast enough. I did not say anything to my kids about my suspicions as not to alarm them. My oldest was even afraid to use the bathroom.

On the next visit, I took a few photos of the house with my cell phone on the way out. It was about 62 outside, cloudy, no rain, and about 4 p.m. (image below). In the picture of the house with the blue door, there appears to be an image of a small child in the second to the right bow window pane, second up from bottom. What is it? Is it the girl in the picture??? Is it nothing?

When I told my girls we were done going to this house and the pet sitting job was over, my 6 year old said ‘Thank goodness mom because I felt like the girl in the picture was walking the hallways!’ Now what would make her say that? I said NOTHING at all to her or her sister about my ghostly suspicions.

Any thoughts?”


creepy photo

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5 thoughts on “Reader Submission: The Girl in the Picture

  1. The picture is creepy for shure,maby its a hauted painting,sounds like it,on the image in the windowitloos more like a monster face staring back at you,its defently something,did you hear with the once thatlive there on what they think of the house and the painting?

  2. The owner of the house apparently never noticed anything BUT her previous pet sitter who also slept there reported the SAME experiences as me AND she also heard a female voice every time she was in the hall bathroom!! The owner claims the picture is relatively new in the house and it is not someone she knows. Said she bought it because she likes pictures of old fashioned dresses……

  3. You said the picture is fairly new to the home? Spirits can get attached to places, also items, if these experiences did not happen before the owner baught the picture this could indicate that a spirit is attached to that picture. It could be the spirit of the little girl her self attached to the painting of her, Maybe she does my realise she is dead, I would search the history of the picture on google and see if it comes up with any information of death, you may not find anything Because I the owner had recently baught it, before she baught it many people could have had the picture for years so it’s been passed around places, I would see If the picture has a date it was painted on and any names or ask the owner where she got it from? Children spirits are known to show themself to children as they did it easy to communicate so maybe that’s why your young daughters were saying that maybe they felt her presence, hope this helps – Spiritcurious

  4. 1st: i can’t find anything creepy on the painting of the little girl; she just looks bored.
    2nd: if you zoom into the pic of the window it could be anything; a reflection from something outside or there is just a source of light inside the house which happens to show only throu that one window frame.
    you only see what you want to see, if you want to see creepy shit you can always interpret things, fill out the gaps or missing information by your imagination and there is your creepy ghost story

  5. Nothing creepy about the painting/picture, just a pretty little girl looking sad or fed up, probably because she didnt want her photo taken….and thats probably because it took so long to take or do lol.

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