Reader Submission: Figure in the Field

farm at night

“I live in South Africa, and this is where my story takes place.

Me and a friend of mine, whose name is Barend, were traveling through the countryside on our way to a small town called Delareyville. We were used to small towns and country areas as we grew up there. However, I had never experienced anything like this.

As we were driving, bad luck struck us like a hot iron and both tires on the left side went flat (his car was a piece of junk). We were soon on the side of the road, at 2 a.m., with only the full moon to light the area around us. There was no civilization nearby, only local farm houses far away. So I decided to leave Barend with the car and walk on to find any entrance to a local farm. I walked for about 2/3 miles and at last found a gate.

The gate was short and could easily be scaled. It was locked with a chain, but I still climbed over out of desperation. I could see the house’s light in the distance, so I walked along a gravel road towards it.

As I kept walking towards the house, I heard a very loud boom. At first I thought it was cannon fire, but it couldn’t be as there are NO military bases around that area. I only heard this once but decided to move on. Now the skeptic would obviously have an explanation, and I’m not saying it was cannon fire for it could have been something else, but it pretty much sounded like an old type cannon. What could make a sound like that at two in the morning? Anyway, I continued.

Now the countryside was a wide open landscape. There were only fields of grass for miles and miles with little quantities of trees. So about 20 meters from the side of the gravel road there stood a big tree. As I said, it was around 2 a.m. and only the moonlight was shining, but something stood underneath that tree. A dark figure was just standing there, facing me. It looked like a human figure so I was immediately struck with fear. I thought there must be some explanation for whatever was standing there so I kept walking. When I looked behind me again, it was GONE. How could something that big disappear so fast?

I immediately turned around and ran away, back towards the main road. I told Barend, but he never believed me. Later on, I found out that there were skirmishes between the local farmers and the British Army in the Anglo-Boer War in that area.”

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