Reader Submission: Grandma’s Ghost?

“About 10 years ago, my grandparents moved out of the home they had lived in for 50 years. My grandmother’s family owned the home and adjacent lot, and my grandmother had inherited the property.

My great-grandmother moved into the home with my grandparents when her health started to deteriorate. They put in an add-on room and a bathroom at the back of the house, and that’s where my great-grandmother spent most of her time. She died elsewhere, but after my great-grandmother passed, my grandmother said she could hear her. Weird things would also happen throughout the home. My mom also felt and heard my great-grandmother.

When my grandmother’s health started to deteriorate, my mom moved next to her parents. My grandmother died four years ago, but both my mom and sister say that have felt and heard her. My sister also says that she senses our grandmother’s presence in her son’s room. My nephew was my grandmother’s favorite great-grandchild.

Today, my mom was at the grocery store and started talking with the cashier. The cashier told my mom that her mother’s house was haunted. After further discussion, it turned out that the cashier’s mom was the person who bought my grandparents’ home. The cashier said about four years ago they sensed a strong presence in the back room, the room my great-grandmother had stayed in, and they heard a voice saying, ‘I want to go home.’ Apparently, the cashier’s mom has wanted to know more about the family that lived there because the voice is getting louder and strange things have been happening. My mom said before my grandmother became completely bed-ridden and unable to speak, she would often pack a suitcase and say that she wanted to go home.”

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