Truckers Share True Ghost Stories from the Road

Truckers log thousands of hours behind the wheel and encounter everything from bad weather and treacherous conditions to careless drivers and fatal accidents. However, sometimes even truckers are shocked by what they see on the road. Here are five true ghost stories from real truckers.

The Guardian Angel

“In the late 80’s, Michigan had I-94 west of Detroit all torn up as they were completely replacing the roadbed.

I was going into Detroit about 2 a.m., driving in the construction zone, when I saw this heavy-set elderly lady in a rain coat standing behind her car in the construction zone waving her arms for me to stop. I had almost passed the elderly lady when I saw her and couldn’t stop. So I turned around at the next exit and circled back and pulled up behind the broken down car with my four-ways on.

Two heads popped up from behind the seats and a young guy came back to the truck. I told him to get everyone out of the car and I would take them to a gas station where they could get some help. He got his wife from the car and they got into my truck and shut the passenger door.
I looked at them and said, ‘Is that everybody? Where is the elderly lady?’ The couple looked puzzled and asked what I was talking about. So I told them the story of the elderly lady flagging me done and described her to the couple.

Immediately the woman burst into tears and said that she had heard that guardian angels look like deceased relatives. She went on to explain that her grandmother had passed away earlier that year and I had just described her grandmother to a ‘T.’

This story still gives me goose bumps thinking about it all these years later.

I can’t wait to meet that elderly lady someday. I did something right that night, for once in my life.”

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The Man on Jensen Road

“It was about 3 a.m., and I was west bound on Jensen Road in Fresno, CA, just before the residential area. I had slowed to about 40 mph when out of nowhere appeared this freakishly tall figure of a man in a black, buttoned up trench coat and a round, black sombrero standing on the white line of the two lane road. He must have been at least 6’7″ or 7’0 tall. My partner and I watched and he didn’t even flinch as the rig passed by. I swear, the side mirrors must have missed his head by only a couple of inches. My partner and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open and screamed ‘Did you see that?! What the fuck was that?’. I swear our skin crawled and we were both in a kind of shock. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a couple days.”

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Knock, Knock

“Last week, I had just left Gallup, NM and was driving west on I-40 near Holbrook, AZ when I heard a KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, two times, on the side of my sleeper. It was very loud and distinct…like ONE, TWO, THREE, and then it repeated once more shorty after that. I had the radio off and was alone in the rig. Honestly, I thought ‘KEEP DRIVING!’ was the best thing to do. When I got to Holbrook, I stopped for a break but was too freaked to get out and go look. The next day, I walked around the cab and was looking at the cat walk.

There is no way a human being could have been hiding back there, at 3 a.m., in 10 degree freezing winter weather, going 70 mph, without anyone noticing.


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Ghost Rider

“I was driving to work around 3:30 in the morning on a back road in Mississippi near the Louisiana line. I was probably going about 35 or so, as it was raining and the road is a winding with no lines or anything. It’s dangerous enough in daylight under normal conditions. Anyway, I’m driving along and suddenly this jet black horse just flies out of the woods on a side trail. There was a rider decked out in a black cloak with a hood and everything. The horse must have been blasting at full speed, and the rider’s cloak was just whipping in the wind. They must’ve ran for 1/4 mile or so and then darted off down another side trail and disappeared into the darkness. A buddy was riding with me and I looked over at him, and he looked over at me, and we both said something along the lines of ‘Did you fucking see that?!’.”

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A Child’s Cries

“I was driving at night when I heard an odd grinding noise, like I had run over something that got stuck. It was about 2 a.m., so I pulled into well-lit rest stop and woke up my buddy. I explained it to him, and as we got out of the car, we heard what sounded like a kid crying. There were no other cars at the rest stop, but we frequently heard stories about child trafficking and kidnapping, so we decided to check it out. We grabbed our flashlights and headed towards the noise, which was coming from the bathrooms.

As we get closer, we realized it was coming from the women’s bathroom. It was a low, dull sobbing. We prepared for the worst and walked in expecting to see a brutally beaten or raped 8 year old or something, but there was nobody inside. The sound was still there, it was still clearly coming from the room, but the room was empty. We turned on the lights but still found nothing. We checked each stall, the trash can. Nothing. We even started looking for WHERE in the room it was coming from – nothing. We wondered, is it a hidden speaker? Are we on candid camera? What the fuck?

My buddy climbed up one of the stalls to get to the top window in the rest stop which was vented out and open. He closed it, and the noise stopped. Completely. He opened it, and there was no more noise. We sat there for a few seconds, staring at each other. He shrugged. Then the window slammed shut again without him touching it.

We were out of that fucking bathroom in seconds. The noise started up about 10 seconds later, and we tore out of the parking lot. The grinding noise was still there. So this time I pulled over a few miles later at a Flying J Truck Stop, one that was well-lit and occupied. We checked and saw a red and silver piece of metal wedged underneath. We couldn’t remove it by hand as it was really wedged in there, so we kicked at the metal to bend it and figure we’d remove it when we got back.

A week later, I had my mechanic take it out when he was doing a service – it was part of a kid’s tricycle, the red area where somebody can stand. That was one of those moments for me. Totally fucked up and crazy.


What do you think of the truckers’ terrifying tales?

Trucker Ghost Stories: And Other True Tales of Haunted Highways


9 thoughts on “Truckers Share True Ghost Stories from the Road

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  2. These stories were amazing and super creepy! I totally enjoyed reading these,thank you so much for sharing. I always wondered what truckers would come across on those long stretches of road. This was cool!

  3. I was at a drive in one night and saw someone hanging on the screen, then fall. when I ran to see if the the person was ok, they were no longer there.

  4. The truck driver that left Gallup NM to Holbrook AZ may have encountered a skinwalker as they can and do weird stuff like that. They can pace a speeding vehicle and do creepy shit like the knocking. It’s interesting that he experienced this kind of phenomena in that particular area of the country as there are shapeshifters all over this area. Navajo witchcraft is the origin of this kind of wickedness and the knocking particularly three times at a time is frequently experienced by natives all around the nation. I believe this truckers story. Want more stories of this nature email me at !

  5. My brother is trucker and I’m wondering if he’s seen or heard anything like this but I do believe in ghosts.

  6. we were just now coming back from Kansas City. My 15 year old daughter was driving as we just entered Topeka, she said, did you see that lady on bonnet on our car¿who I didnt see but she explained in detail how she look and what she wore, how her hair looked. it was freaky

  7. I was driving on interstate 10 at about 2am somewhere in Alabama Mississippi or Georgia I can’t recall what state but me and my passenger both saw a woman in a torn up old wedding dress walking and then we went a mile more down the road and there was a groom walking towards her .it was really freaky and we still talk about it today.this happened in 2005.

  8. I’m wondering if anyone has had the experience seeing the TTT ghost standing on the off ramp as you enter Tucson Arizona? My family would drive from Texas, often to visit family in Arizona. & I can still see the image of the TTT ghost man, very tall WHITE face. Smiling wearing long black trench coat, his left arm streached out thumb, hitchhiker. I would realy like to know.

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