Reader Submission: Werewolf?

moon at night

“My name is Romain and I live in Greece. I want to share a story that happened to me when I was 13 years old.

I used to live in a small village near the mountains. I never believed in ghosts or any other paranormal beings, but what I witnessed was f***ing scary.
It was late at night when it happened. I was sitting outside with my father and my brother. It was summer but it was cloudy. I remember that because I looked at the moon as it emerged from the clouds. Suddenly we heard a strange, creepy howl.

We froze. My father got up and tried to see if anything was out there. After three or four minutes, more people woke up and went outside. My father and five other villagers got their guns and went to find the source of the sound. Me and some other guys followed them at a distance.

We suddenly stopped when we heard another howl. We were near the edge of our village, gazing into the dark forest. We heard numerous shots and screams and then silence. I ran fast to see what it was (I was a complete dumb ass back then). I saw my father and the other guys staring at something.

My skin turned white because the thing they were looking at wasn’t human, but it didn’t look like any animal I’d ever seen. I can still remember it to this very day. When I asked my dad about it later, he said the thing was a wolf, but I know it wasn’t. Whatever it was, it was big and gray and had yellow eyes and huge claws and teeth. After that night, every time there was a full moon, my father stayed home and barricaded the doors. I don’t believe in monsters, or at least I don’t want to, but that f***ing thing was not human.”

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  1. Werewolf stories date back many years. Yours seem true. Because you attach no drama or anything, you only describe it and then it ends. It is something to consider. Some things we just cannot explain.

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