Reader Submission: Paranormal Police Call


“This happened in the early 1980s when I was an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

One week I noticed that several officers’ cars had Ghost Busters stickers stuck to the windows. I was confused and asked one of the guys what was with all the Ghost Buster stuff. He told me that a few officers had been on a call recently where the occupants had complained of paranormal activity. I wasn’t there, but my buddy said that when the officers arrived at the house, the residents were outside, terrified, while the sounds of banging doors and shattering glass came from inside the house. The officers thought an intruder was inside so they brought a canine, Red, to help clear the property.

Now, Red was the meanest damn dog you ever saw, but he absolutely refused to go inside the home. He growled and whined but would not set a paw inside. Eventually, the crashing and banging noises stopped and a few officers checked out the home. Everything inside was destroyed, but there was no one around. The residents claimed the sounds had suddenly started up when they were inside and had no idea what caused them.

That story always gave me the creeps. None of the guys ever really talked about what happened because they were afraid everyone would think they were crazy.”

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