Spirits at the Silver Queen Hotel

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Built in 1876, the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, NV is a historic landmark with a haunted reputation. Staff, guests, and countless paranormal investigators are certain that ghosts roam the 138-year-old property. Could they be right?

Lady of the Night

Like many haunted hotels, the Silver Queen is allegedly haunted by a tragic woman who died on the property. In this case, a prostitute named Rosie reportedly slashed her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11 and now wanders the hotel, tapping on doors and frightening guests. Rosie seems to have a preference for men as the rooms she visits are primarily occupied by males. Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures believes this video shows Rosie paying him a visit. The photo below, taken by a guest, may also show the  tragic figure.

ghost photo

As far as I know, there’s no official record of Rosie’s suicide, though a man did take his life there in 2010. Whether or not Rosie actually existed, dozens of staff members and guests swear something strange is happening at the old hotel.

Silver Queen Spirits

According to Silver Queen lore, Room 11 and Room 13 are particularly prone to paranormal activity. Guests on Trip Advisor and Yelp describe loud noises at night, sounds that include tapping on walls, jingling doorknobs, sudden bangs, voices in unoccupied rooms, and the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. The footsteps are particularly odd considering the hotel is completely carpeted. Many guests assumed other visitors were responsible for the noise, but talked to front desk staff and learned they were the only guests on the floor. So who, or what, was responsible for the late-night sounds?

Though most online accounts mention odd noises and bumps in the night, other guests have had more dramatic encounters. A contributor for Yahoo! claims an unseen entity chased her down the hallway in the middle of the night. She writes:

“We tiptoed down the long hall and descended a few steps toward Room 11. There was a heavy feeling at that end of the hall. At one point a growl was heard by the door. I decided to go midway down the hall from my room. As I stood there, suddenly I felt and heard a figure running quickly towards me. It made me take steps back and gasp…The incident happened in repetition.”

Is the Silver Queen Hotel truly haunted or is the legend of Rosie just another example of the tragic female ghost theme? Share your thoughts in the comments below! I’d also love to hear from people who have stayed at the hotel.

9 thoughts on “Spirits at the Silver Queen Hotel

    • My Mom did not believe in Ghosts but heard children running up and down the halls at 2 AM. She asked the owner what parent would let there children run a muck at 2:00 in the morning at which time the owner said there were no guests with children!

  1. We stayed in room 18 on June 8, 2015. We do not believe in ghosts and supernatural experiences. Yet, when I woke up with the first sun rays, I remembered clearly having heard first laughing and then moaning sounds by a woman. No other other guests in hotel on this Monday night. M.Z.

  2. rosie is totally there, I’ve got pics of her too and may have taken her with me for a night away from the hotel

  3. There was a group of us 5 in total we stayed in room 11 and 13 while win room 13 we had the room dark video using our cell phone to video. As we video taped the room I had an ORB come out of the sink area right towards me is was the size of a softball it was huge. One of the other girls got an orange ORB flying around. Seems like hundreds of smaller ORBS were flying everywhere it was so awesome.

  4. I stayed there for my sons 14th birthday last month and it was great we had room 13 which is known for paranormal activity and I was able to capture a large orb in our room and an appreciation right in front on room 11, lots of activity on Evp whoever said that is not haunted is not correct , we had a great time the rooms are fun the staff great

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