Reader Submission: Face at the Window

face at window

“During our recent school holidays, my classmates and I rented a chalet in Sentosa (a resort in Singapore). The chalet was one of the special company chalets. My stewardess sister managed to book it for us. It was nice place, real close to the beach.

At night, we tried to scare the girls with ghost stories. We’d sit around and trade the spookiest. The girls got pretty scared, and to tell you the truth, so did the guys!

One night we decided to hit the sack early as we had big day of canoeing the next morning. However, just as we were about to sleep, it started to rain heavily. I tell you, that shook us up pretty badly, especially after a long session of rain hitting the roof and window panes like bullets. Flashes of lightning and thunder also jarred our nerves. Somebody suggested we check to make sure that all the windows and doors were locked, and everyone agreed it was a good idea.

While we were checking, we heard one of the girls scream. We rushed to her and saw she was in a terrified state. She was mumbling something about a hideous face, pressed up against the window. It must have been her imagination, we said, trying to calm her down. But she insisted that she had seen the face.

‘It was hideous! Its eyes were like a demon’s, she said. Someone joked it could have been her own reflection, but she was too upset to pay any attention.

Later that night, as we tried to get some sleep, another girl started screaming. Apparently, she too had seen something at the window. She said she saw the face of a man, up against the windows, trying to get in.

This time we were rattled. No one managed to sleep all night

The next morning, when we went out to canoe, I spoke to the Malay guy in charge about what had happened the night before. He wasn’t surprised. It seems our chalet had a reputation for being haunted. The ghost that haunted it was very unique because it only appeared when it rained.”