Reader Submission: An Evil Attack


“I was stalked and then attacked by my ex after he came into my home to kill me on Feb 25, 2011. He burst inside with a gun pointed at me and another at my 14-year-old daughter and friend. About 30 cops showed up, but they refused to come inside, instead choosing to break out windows to get a shot at him.

During the chaos, I dropped to my knees and began saying the Lord’s Prayer. I had given up and believed I would die, but I heard a voice say ‘Get up. You will live, but you must figure out how to survive.’ Thanks to this power and presence, I was able to fight my ex off. Despite being shot twice and beaten to a pulp by a man who outweighed me by 120 pounds, I was able to get to my safe and retrieve my own weapon. A gunfight ensued which resulted in my ex finally falling after I shot him multiple times in self defense.

Witnesses told the detective my ex’s eyes were black and his face was distorted during the attack. I told the detective the same. We all saw the same thing, even though we didn’t have a chance to compare stories as I went straight to the ER after the incident.

So many things happened before the attack to warn me something bad was going to happen. Lights and other electrical things went on and off, and I felt a being of some sort. I sensed its presence in the room where my ex ultimately fell. After a 15 month recovery, I noticed more weird things: doors that opened on their own, shadow people, electrical problems, loud knocks and banging on the doors and ceilings, etc. Video from my security camera showed a shadow man and doors opening and closing on demand. I also began to have a heightened awareness which is just plain weird at times.

As of today, things are still happening. My three dogs and cats see many things that are not there. After my mother passed away, I had to close down her house, and while we were there, my dog became terrified and hid behind my legs and then under the bed as fast as possible He refused to cross the threshold after she passed.

All I’ve told you about the crime is public record and listed under my married name of Laura Teames, along with an article in ABA magazine. I’m currently having a book written that covers so much more about these weird events.”

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