Reader Submission: Real Slender Man Sighting?


Every year since I was two years old, I have gone camping in the Poconos twice a year. I am 17 now, and this happened a few months ago.

I brought my boyfriend, and it was his first time camping, so I of course I wanted him to love it as much as I do. One day, my boyfriend, brothers, and I all headed down to a waterfall where most kids our age hang out. We all sat down in sort of a half circle and were talking and laughing and having a good time. Around dusk, my boyfriend and I decided to head back to the mess hall.

Now, I have to say that the trip there was not exactly the shortest walk. On the way there, we had to walk through two giant fields and up like six hills. On paper, that sounds easy, but I promise you it’s really not. Once we passed the hills and the fields, we came to a point where we had to choose between a dirt road that leads directly to the mess hall or a short cut. The dirt road was much more scenic, and I was totally feeling it, so I lead my boyfriend that way.

Everything was great.¬†We were holding hands and laughing. However, as we walked, a huge chill suddenly ran down my spine and stopped me dead in my tracks. I pulled my boyfriend the opposite way and told him I had a bad feeling about the dirt road. He didn’t argue because it was a little creepy and dark. We turned back and started to take the short cut.

Now, when you go this way there is a hill that leads down into a field that goes right up to the mess hall. I began to trot down the hill without really looking when my boyfriend let go of my hand and stood completely still, staring into the field. ‘Do you see that?’ he yelled. I turned around and saw something I had never seen before and hope to never see again.

There was a dark figure standing about 100 feet away in the field. The figure was extremely tall and extremely skinny, almost like a shadow. My first thought when I saw the thing was that it was a person trying to freak us out or play a prank. However, I soon realized that this was no joke. I called out in fear, ‘WHAT IS THAT?,’ and as the words left my mouth, the shadow figure leaned forward, much as a cat does when it’s on the prowl, and then shifted to the left. It didn’t walk or run, but just…shifted. It was almost as if the figure had teleported.

This near made me pee myself, and at this point I was not going to just stand there and get eaten, so I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and we booked it out of there. It was the fastest I had ever run before. We ran all the way back to the waterfall where my brothers were still ranting about video games. At first we just sat there and didn’t speak a word of what we had seen. I know I sat there and looked behind us to see if someone would come running down, laughing about pulling a great prank, but there was no one. Nobody came running because nobody had pulled a prank.

Afterwards, my boyfriend told me not to tell anyone about the figure because he didn’t want to be the laughing stock of the campground. However, I am a loudmouth and told my brothers, and basically everyone else there, about our experience. I should have listened to my boyfriend because we did get laughed at…a lot. But I don’t care because this is a true story, and it still haunts me to this day.”

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  1. Slenderman is not real. He was made up a few years ago by a college student. I’m not sure what you saw but it’s creepy all the same. I’d ask local people and see if there’s any legends or accidents that happened in that area.

    • Slender Man has been around way longer than a few years. We used to tell stories about him back when I was in elementary in the late 80’s early 90’s…creepy all the same.

      • Yeah really. When I was in elementary school there were stories about him and I have always remembered them and when I told my friends years later they were like bull that’s slender man and I looked into it. The name Slender man came out way after I heard the stories. Then he was just the Tall Man.

  2. I love how the shadow being cast by the supposed figure is being cast at all. Look at the rest of the objects in the shot and you’ll notice the shadows are very diffused and not falling in any specific direction. I believe this image was manipulated and the figure and its shadow were added.

  3. Apparently there have been sightings and stories of slender man dated back to the early 1800s so “slender man” could easily be real!

  4. I believe your story like there’s no tomorrow! I myself had an experience 2 times in a row! However, they weren’t slenderman… They were aliens… My first experience was when I was only 5 the second was when I was 6. And they both happened when I was asleep. The first time was when I was asleep, when out of nowhere a bright light hit my face, due to that I woke up to find out what was going on… And to my surprise I was inside of some sort of hovercraft of some kind, anyways, something wouldn’t let me move and , to my surprise… I got injected and don’t know what it was but it felt great and didn’t hurt. Anyways that’s the first time and I’m not gonna tell you the second one because of having to write this. Now remember this that I just told you is 100% real!!

  5. slender man dates back to where he apperared in many kinds of hyroglyphics. so he goes as far back to before most of things that exited now didnt exist.

  6. i have yet to have any experiences with him or anything of any matter but no matter what i believe that your story is 100% true no matter what anyone else may say. ive had my hand in experiences with the supernatuarl like ghosts and everything but it has been to that far of an extent to where i had to deal with something like him. slender man in my mind is some kind of powerful supernatural being that is feeding off of so much fear to where he is seen by everyone.

  7. Slenderman is real, he is my master. i am a proxy. be carefull what you say about my master. this is a true story. my master has been around for a long long time. you can’t defeat him. you can’t run. if you see him once., you will see him your whole life. the only way out is death.

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