Ghost Photo: Fleeing from Fire

ghost photo

This photo originally appeared on and reportedly shows a ghostly woman and child near the site of a raging fire. Personally, I think the ‘spirits’ are an illusion caused by smoke and blurred foilage in the background. Other people aren’t so sure. What do you believe?

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One thought on “Ghost Photo: Fleeing from Fire

  1. An interesting picture at the very least. Given the subject though it’s pretty obviously pareidolia. Especially since the white of the alleged woman is the same as the smoke and what’s supposed to be the skin is the same as the brown foliage in the background. It actually looks like the small fire on the ground is causing the smoke to whirl clockwise giving what the brain interprets to look like folds of clothing and rising on side. If the picture had been taken a second earlier or later the small opening in the smoke that’s perceived as the “head,” wouldn’t be there.

    Also, why would there be a “spirit,” carrying a child from the fire? Looks like an old house, they probably burned it as a cheap demo on their property or accidentally. I doubt it was inhabited and even less likely anyone actually was inside or hurt.

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