Reader Submission: Possessed by Henry VIII

king henry

“I am not a believer in ghosts, but then I don’t not believe. I guess I’m what they call ‘open minded’.

Yesterday, I visited Windsor Castle. The chapel there is filled with tombs and underground vaults containing the remains of kings and queens from years gone by. Walking around, I felt strange, almost uneasy. I have been on a few ghost hunts before but never felt any kind of fear.

As I turned the corner, I entered a room with seats and candles running down either side. On the floor between the two rows were stones displaying the names of whose remains were beneath our feet. I was reading the text on one tablet when for a couple of seconds I lost my vision and hearing and had no idea who or where I was. The only feeling I had was of unbelievable anger. All this happened as I stood over Henry VIII’s final resting place.

Like I said, I’m open minded. But I cant help thinking, did I feel the presence of Henry VIII not only in the room, but actually inside me taking over my senses? Stories of so called possession are common these days. I used to think such phenomena was B.S., but now I’m not so sure! I would like peoples opinions on this.”

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One thought on “Reader Submission: Possessed by Henry VIII

  1. Im going back soon. Just to see if what I felt was genuine or just because of the location. Im going in with an ‘open mind’. Will post the results

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