Ghost Photo: Departing Soul?

ghost photo

A reader writes: “I was given this photo by one of my paranormal team members. It was taken the day before the man passed away in his home.  I’ve been trying to debunk it without much success. I would be interested to hear what others think.”

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9 thoughts on “Ghost Photo: Departing Soul?

  1. Maybe you could not debunk it because it is legitimate. However, the sceptic will always have an explanation, such as tampering with images or lense malfunctions. Yet maybe this is why our evidence is always inconclusive, because we try to debunk everything because it’s “too good to be true.”

    • good point…it may not be his at all after all he was at the time of the photo still alive. Could it not be someone or those waitiing to take him to the other side?

  2. This is exactly what I saw when my husband died in 1996. You can’t debunk it because it’s real.

  3. I havé a photo my Aunt and I When I Was a teenager on which one can see thé same thing as your photo. Thank your for posting it. It seemed as Though it Was a lamp or something on the background, but nô.

  4. We are spirits. When my mom passed; her energy set all the lights off in our home at supernatural speed, flickering intensely, for about 25 min. This is the human spirit going home.her brother came in manifested as solid, but with pixels of light in him a bit,,to lead her home.he had crossed 60 years before.

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