Zozo the Ouija Demon


Does a demon named Zozo prey on humans who experiment with Ouija boards? The idea might seem outlandish, but many people believe they’ve encountered the dark entity.


Oklahoma’s Darren Evans appears to have the most experience with Zozo. The self-proclaimed “zozologist” runs a site about the demon and appeared as himself in the 2012 film, I Am Zozo.

For Evans, it all started when he found a double-sided Ouija board at his girlfriend’s home near Tulsa. “Zozo” was inscribed on what Evans describes as the dark side of the board, and an entity by the same name seemingly controlled the planchette each time Evans and his friends sat down for a session. Darren soon became obsessed with the board and believed Zozo chose him to share information from the other side. Soon, the demon appeared on any Ouija board Evans used, not just the double-sided one.

Naturally, many people scoffed at Evans’ claim that he could summon a demon at will. Unperturbed, Evans hauled a Ouija board to skeptics’ homes and, in his words, turned them into believers. On one occasion, the board repeatedly spelled the word window. The group saw nothing outside, but when the homeowner went to the kitchen and glanced out the window, she saw a bald man peering in from the backyard. Evans and the woman later learned that the man had escaped from a nearby mental institution and that he had told cops the devil made him look in the window.


Zozo Gets Worse

In the early nineties, around five years after discovering Zozo, Evans had a nervous breakdown because he believed demons were following him in human form. His mom and grandmother performed an exorcism of sorts and Darren fell into a deep sleep for two days. While he slumbered, the women saw dark shadows flitting around the home.

However, Evans worst experience with Zozo came after the demon claimed it was going to devour his daughter’s soul and strike her with an “iron tongue.” The day after this warning, Evans’ three-year-old daughter nearly drowned in the tub and was later diagnosed with MRSA. She was hospitalized and kept in quarantine for two weeks, her swollen tongue hanging grotesquely from her mouth. The child survived, but it was then that Evans realized Zozo was nothing to be toyed with.

Today, Darren no longer plays with Ouija boards and runs Zozo the Ouija Spirit to share information about the demon and give others a chance to share their experiences. On October 18, Ghost Adventures will feature Evans’ story on an episode of the show.

Other Encounters

Darren Evans isn’t the only Ouija board user to encounter Zozo. Chilling tales have appeared on True Ghost Tales, Ghost Theory, and Yahoo, among others. Once Zozo visits a user, the demon typically returns every time the person experiments with a Ouija board and will not allow any other spirit to communicate. After ending a session, Zozo victims experience everything from strange shadows and noises to apparitions and outright possessions, or so the stories go.

What do you think of the Zozo tales? True, false, or somewhere in between? Have you encountered Zozo yourself? Share your story here!

Visit Unexplained Mysteries or LiveSciFi TV for more detailed information about Darren Evans’ Zozo experience.

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14 thoughts on “Zozo the Ouija Demon

    • Long before internet and networks I was a little kid,, (true story!!) I got a Ouija board at the age of 10 at a yard sale for like 50 cents. I came home and played with it a lot with my two younger brothers. The pointer would just go really fast back and forth zaza zozo!! That’s all it would do beside answering a question or two.. We didn’t think about it at ALL!! We would laugh and play like kids that we were. I didn’t know at the time why things started to happen, At first I heard whispers I could never tell what was being said but I heard them,, My parents thought I was dreaming.. My mom wouldn’t think that soon,,, I started having nightmares and then one day I stayed home from school with my mom and we decided to go to the store so my mom went in her room and I went in mine. Well I reached my hand in the closet and the whole side of the room shook like an earth quake! I ran and was banging on my moms bedroom door screaming! She opened the door and asked me what was that??? What are you up to or doing?? I told her what happened and she didn’t believe me,, so I said mom look all I did was put my arm in the closet like this “as Im showing her” It did it AGAIN!!! we both took off.. For me that would not be the end of zaza /zozo,,, Im 15 now (as im telling you what happened) (42 actually now) Ok so at like 15 I started to dabble in the occult and ya that was a mistake! but I played the Ouija again and it did work but it always did the zaza or zozo fast,, like when I was little, For a long time I was kinda haunted by it and time goes on till about the age of maybe 29 ish,, I made a home made Ouija and got two of my gal pals to play. Well it got fucked! I don’t usually swear but wow,, So it was saying shit like I want you!! Your boyfriends can die!! I wana “F” you, your my whores! Wicked nasty shit.. So in the middle of this a guy comes by to sell us a dime of pot,, (we were kids and I DO NOT DO THAT ANYMORE!!!) So he sees us playing and says that’s fake ect ect,, now we only knew his street name.. He says if that’s real whats my moms name? It spelled her nickname that only him and her talked to each other and knew about. He got all weird out and left in shock.. Sooo we talked to it for a bit it kept being vulgar and kind of creeped us all out.. We all went our separate ways.. Well like two or so days later I was awoken in the middle of the night by idk what and I couldn’t move!! I could see think feel everything but I was stuck! I could see by looking with my eyes that the red lights on the alarm clock was 3:10 I think,, I had this overwhelming feeling that there was pure evil near me, I was so damn scared I looked at the clock and saw a big black shadow move and cover the red numbers on that alarm clock!!! All over again the nightmares start again.. It was almost like it remembered me! That was that for now but it was even more freekin weird when my boyfriend of 5 years came home from a fishing trip on a commercial fishing boat and told me,, (now remember what it said about our boyfriends) He told me that he went to sleep in the bunkroom and woke up face first in a pillow unable to move or speak!! The same time aprox that I was!!! He said he was stuck like me and couldn’t breath!! I was in shock! I don’t use the Ouija anymore or want to. But!! I still feel the effects of that shit now!! I am a religious person and believe in god but I still hear whispers see shadows and have the most terrifying dreams, demonic dreams. I always pray and ask God to forgive me!! And like I said I didn’t know about zaza zozo until I saw it on tv. I was shocked as hell! now I get it all!!!! That’s why I am sooo interested in this because like I said I didn’t even know about it when I was a kid!!! When I saw that Ghost Adventures show my whole body got the goose bumps! AMAZING!!! I just HAD to get that all out.. Some can call me crazy and some can walk in my shoes!!!

  1. I read Darren’s story on his website. I felt for him. I had an occurrence in 2005 when I play ouija board alone. When it starts to works, its exciting, scary and addictive (adrenaline). But its also truly life changing. Every bit of his experience right on the money. These spirits, or whatever they are, they start out pretending to be someone you know or someone that eases your mind, and then after several hours, their tone changes. But before diving into that, its important to mention how dizzy you get as minutes pass during communication. In addition, lights begin brighten and then dim, and then occasionally repeat this off and on. But, back to the change of personality, just prior to the ‘spirit’ changing its tone, sounds of footsteps, random displaced thuds, and whispers begin to manifest (gradually over a period of an hour). Each time a sound is heard, it seems to be louder and more pronounced than the one prior to it. And then it happens, you get this overwhelming feeling of lack of trust in this ‘spirit’, and then it starts saying the more horrible things, and quite randomly at that. Well, not to extend my experience, but I will say that the following 3 months were horrible, I’ve never fallen so depressed and not to mention the paranormal happenings that never seemed to let up. Whatever it was, it tormented me for those few months, but continued to be semi-present for about year and half after. I will make not of just a few things before I end this: first, these paranormal occurences I had, were also experienced by others in the house, including a cat and a dog, and second, while ZOZO was Darran’s contact, mine went by the name Defove (but also it spelled Defose — the second time I asked), not that the name mattered, because it probably wasn’t its real name anyway.

    • You mentioned a dizziness,, I get it!! Its almost like a high,,, I know what you mean. I get that feeling when I sense a presence or spirit! OMG!! and the whispers are so messed up cause we hear them but cant make out what they are saying!! Its definitely not cool or fun to go through this shit and its effects last a lifetime!!! Read my story if you get a min or two..I understand!!

      • Please help me its been going on for nearly 2yesrs now iveb!over ,8 timed and it follows or finds !e everytime..its proper nasty ..I get beeten and raped on a regular basis..when there around it feels like two magnets subtracting I can feel an energy …I’ve actually seen doorways open up within walls..its like they have the ability to use the walls like portals.,these things I call them spirits purely because they look like humans but there transparent….when they hit me if the concentrate on s delicate area it hurts …are they damaging me…they tried to trick me into thinking they where trying take my soul I could see tubes attscting themselves to me like they were sucking something out of me …it was a trick…I’ve become aware over time these things have been manipulating me guiding me in a sertain direction….I kept seeing just an eye..I thought 3 eye open the penal gland tune me up…nah all seeing eye..something to do with Freemasons illuminanti…I was also introduced to astrtoprojection I very almost achieved that but istped myself from leaving my body cos id then be on there level ..and I thought that would be even more dangerous because they can break your silver chain then who knows what happens …can u make sense of this please I’m out of my league and it won’t stop…I’ve only ever joked around with the ouigy board never done it proper where its moved and spelt stuff out so I don’t know…my ex missed was into black magic and she after we split said I had zozo…please what do I do..please help me..please

  2. I am a practicing occultist and I live in the Bay Area. I heard Mr. Evans on Paranormal TV on YouTube and I would like to offer some thoughts on the Zozo phenomenon and potential remedies. I do not know what this may be as there are a number of possibilities. Assuming it is a valid phenomenon and not reducible to some psychological factors there are four basic categories of possibility: it is an independent malevolent entity (singular or plural); it is a trickster (singular or plural) playing rough games with people; it is an individual thought-form based on expectation; it is a collective thought-form.
    But the nature of this entity is a secondary consideration. Most important is what to do should one come into contact with Zozo. The most important thing to bear in mind is that you are a sovereign being. Fear is an attempt to strip you of this awareness to reduce you to prey. You have to reach within yourself to find this awareness and to assert it through banishing. If a demon of the Goetia can be banished, then it is a long demonstrated fact that this creature can be sent off as well.
    There are several steps to try and work on at once. First, is meditation. Now, you can find guides to basic mediation on YouTube. I will leave the details and recommend that one focus, in your meditation, on centering and grounding. These are critical. Try and focus and hold your attention in the center of your being and imagine a cord from this place that runs down into a deep connection with the earth. I leave it to your own research on this to discover specific reasons. But, this simple meditation, when developed, is very powerful.
    Additionally, it is important to have a connection with the Divine. This is not a formal, organized relationship like being on the baptismal record. Nor does it mean one must become an uptight Catholic fearful that any sexual desire will open the Gates of Hell to unleash the Wrath of an outraged God via little demons in red suits with pitch forks. It is something one must develop over time in one’s heart. This is central to magic. Don’t be fooled by the shallow portrayal of the occult by Hollywood. Real occultists have a Chosen God, as they would say in India. So, if you are disillusioned with Christianity then ask the Universe to guide you and find a nice pagan pantheon to represent and manifest that which is Higher and Divine. I, for example, worship Lord Shiva as the Supreme and my magical system emanates from this devotion to Him (and other devas).
    Ask for help from this Being, but, there is something that it is very important o understand here. These beings are not impersonal forces (despite what some say) but are conscious energetic beings. When you call upon them it pings their attention. So, you have to create a relationship with them. That doesn’t mean they won’t help you initially ‘for free’ but you should not treat them like an extermination service or worst as a can of etheric bug spray you use and put on a shelf to forget.
    There are many banishing rituals. In researching them, look for something which is simple and that holds an appeal to you. When you find this, perform the ritual with an intention to draw upon the energy of the Divine and to assert your sovereignty over your person and your space. Mean it! Should you use the Golden Dawn basic Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, perform this for roughly two months and then in the morning being to use the Spirit Invocation and the Banishing at night.
    You can reinforce the banishing by use of incense such as Dragon’s Blood, Sage or Frankincense. These help to raise the positive influence in the space.
    In summery: own your own sovereignty; center, ground, banish and pray. I am confident you will be able to overcome this negativity and move onto a positive path.

  3. My grandfather recently died. I have used a ouija board a total of 8 times now 4 of those times I’ve contacted a spirit. I used one the day he died, the day of his funeral and Saturday. I used it with my friend and we contacted my “grandfather”. I asked it a few questions and it answered correctly, until my friend eventually got frightened and felt as if she was in a trance which I did too so we said good bye and threw away the board. I woke up the next morning early and felt a horrible need to play again so I printed out another board and sat there staring at it until my friend woke up. I told my friend my urge and she refused to play she was too creeped out and said I could do it on my own and nothing happened. That night I did it again but this time it answered. Once again pretending to be my grandfather I asked it a few questions only my family would know about him and it answered correctly. The whole time I felt as if in a trance and I felt like I was doing it because everytime I thought something it would say it on the board. I was happy and confused I thought it was my grandfather. It gave me many messages to my dad, my little cousin (who it said talked to dead people) and my aunt. It told my dad sorry cause they apparently got in a argument before he died, it said to my little cousin “dobon” and to my aunt that her speech at his funeral was great. I told him to answer when we spoke again and that I would deliver the messages. Immediately that night I felt terrified, I didn’t feel protected by my grandfather I felt stalked. I felt this the whole week then on Wednesday I asked my dad about the argument and told him what happened. He denied it completely, and thought it was something bad that I talked to. After this conversation I knew I had to play it again to tell this thing to stop messing with me. Today I contacted it again as it pretended to be him again. I asked it to say something only me and him knew and it said his wife ran away from the nut house. I said no that never happened then said. It needed to stop messing with me, I only wish to talk to my grandfather, I’m stronger than it thinks and I won’t let anything happen to me or my family. I then asked if I made myself clear it said yes. I took a minute and said good and asked who it was again. This time it used my grandfathers full name. So I saw something orange and crumbly on my floor and asked what it was and it said “die”. Then I said who is this it said zozo. I was terrified I already knew of this spirit and it was exactly what I was afraid of. I asked it why it would say that and it said “I am angry”. I asked what it was angry about and it said my grandfathers first name. They then began switching back in forth between my grandfather and zozo. Eventually my grandfather won and told me “I’m sorry”, “I shouldn’t play anymore”, “run”, and that he’d protect me. I then pushed it to goodbye and threw the board away. I’m scared, terrified, but I won’t go down without a fight.

  4. I had an experience when a close friend who had used a ouija board began being followed, tormented and even raped by what could only have been an entity that “stayed here” after being unintentionally invited via using the board and (my friend) not properly closing the window that was opened between worlds. The only explanation we were give by anyone was that it was an incubus that was preying upon my female friend.
    So what I’m asking is if anyone has had any experience with this kind of entity?

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