Reader Submission: Paranormal Events

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“Over my 17 years of life, I have experienced many happenings that I believe could be paranormal. This isn’t everything, but here are the things that stand out most to me.

Around the time I was in middle school, I had a friend who told me she saw spirits and that her spirit was like a guardian angel. She told me that I also had one. At the time, I didn’t take her seriously and treated it more as an imaginary friend. I talked to my guardian angel (it was a one-sided conversation) and even made a place for her to sleep next to me.

Strange Noises

It was all okay until something happened. I had a bag of crayons on my dresser. I was in bed with my eyes closed when I heard what sounded like a bag of crayons falling. I was scared out of mind. Thinking that maybe talking to my imaginary friend was making me overthink things, I convinced myself that I was hearing things and fell asleep. As this was quite a while ago, I cannot remember if I ever found my bag of crayons on the floor.

Ghost Legs

Same house, same room. Not long after the crayon incident, I saw my guardian angel. I was playing hide and seek with my younger sister. I hid in my room under the bed. I laid under there a few minutes before it happened. I saw a person’s legs, dressed in what appeared to be pink pajama pants with white flowers printed on them. They appeared suddenly in the corner of my right eye, took a few steps across the floor, and as they walked past my bed, the legs just disappeared. It took me a few days before I mentioned anything to my parents and they of course thought I was making up stories and teased me about walking pants. I still hear about it to this day. I know this was not my little sister because the legs, although solid, simply appeared and disappeared. She also didn’t have any pajamas that matched what my ghost was wearing.

Shower Punch

Same house, bathroom.  I was taking a shower when suddenly the shower curtain jutted inwards as if someone had punched it from the outside. No one was in the bathroom besides me, and I never heard anyone come in.

Calls in the Night

Same house, Dad’s room (not my experience, but interesting). My dad had several experiences where he heard my older sister calling his name. She would start out quiet and then raise her voice each time until it was loud enough that he would wake up (he was a heavy sleeper). He said he would call out a few times and even get up to check the house, but my sister was always sound asleep in her room. However, one night my dad got up to go to her room only to realize that she didn’t live there anymore (at this point, she had moved out). He also mentioned that one time he felt as if someone was waving their hand in his face, trying to get his attention. My dad doesn’t believe in ghosts or spirits, so I find it interesting that he mentioned anything.

The Basement

Same house, basement. The basement always had an eerie feel to it. There was a room down there that my sister eventually moved into around the time she was 18. One day, I headed to the basement to do laundry. I was about to pass my sister’s room when I heard her scream and start crying. I called out to her and was surprised and a little scared when she started yelling at me. I ran upstairs to tell my mom when my sister came in after me and accused me of whispering her name and scaring her. I of course hadn’t and was a little freaked out. My sister was scared enough that she made my mom check her room.

More Weird Things

All of the above incidents were quite a while ago, and I was young so maybe it was just my overactive imagination, though I doubt it. I was around 15-17 at the time. After my parents split up, my mom moved into our current house with her boyfriend. One morning I was alone in the house getting ready for school, when the radio downstairs turned on by itself. On my way out the door, I simply turned it off and left for school. Technology is weird, and sometimes things happen. At least, that’s what I told myself.

One night I was in the living room with my mom and her boyfriend, watching TV. I was the only one who could see into the kitchen. From the corner of my eye, I saw (and heard) a chair move. I asked my mom and her boyfriend if they’d heard it, but they said no. I stared at the chair for a while, trying to rationalize it. Maybe the chair was set on a leg table and simply fell off. However, with the position of the table legs and the chair, there’s no way that could have been the case.

More recently I have experienced (twice in a row, a few days ago) voices that wake me up when I’m on the verge of sleep. I read somewhere that this could be explained by sleep paralysis or something like that. I have also felt someone put their hands on me or brush against me when I’m alone in my room and awake. Usually my experiences have some time in between them, but the touching is happening often and the voices happening at the same time is too much for me. I have lost sleep over this and am currently unable to go to sleep easily.

I really need someone’s opinion. Am I overthinking this? It certainly doesn’t feel like it.”

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  1. My friend has the same paranormal experiences. You aren’t overthinking it because I do see a girl around my age appear in the doorframe of my bathroom and that is scary as hell. At night I hear footsteps when I clearly know everyone is asleep. My advice to you is if you have a tablet or a phone, place the phone on some shelve or some place where you’ll remember where you put it and record whatever activity is going on within your room then record the kitchen and basement.

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