Voices from Beyond: Can Ghosts Speak Through Laptops?


Can ghosts or demons speak through everyday electronic devices? One woman is convinced an entity spoke through her laptop and believes she has the evidence to prove it.

I found this story in the paranormal section of Reddit.com.  A user there said that weird things used to happen in her former apartment, things like electronics acting up, mysterious knocks at the door, and shadowy figures appearing during Skype sessions. However, it was the disembodied voices that scared the woman and her roommates the most.

“Voices would start coming out of anything electrical,” she wrote. “This would come from our headphones when listening to music on an iPod, on our phones, from our laptops, during Skype, on the TV, on a DVD, and even Christmas toys that had batteries in them. The voices would all sound the same.”

Before fleeing her apartment, the woman managed to record a voice emanating from her laptop. Check it out below.

While many Redditors believe the woman captured something paranormal, others disagree. Skeptics in the comment section argue the voice is nothing more than radio interference. Others accuse the woman of making the whole tale up. What do you believe?

3 thoughts on “Voices from Beyond: Can Ghosts Speak Through Laptops?

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  2. Isso se chama TCI- Transcomunicação Intrumental e é possível sim ter sido captado voz do além por meios eletrônicos, embora a voz esteja sintetizada, percebe-se que há palavras ali.

  3. i dont know if this is indeed a spirit voice that people label them demons? when u consider the varied personalities on earth who then go on to live in the spirit world, is it any wonder that there are contacts which are less than savioury. The transition of physical death into the spirit world does not instantly transform u into a saint.Many researchers would give their right arm for this kind of a link with spirit.

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