Reader Submission: Things That Linger

dark creepy house
“After my husband and I bought our first home, strange things happened right away. In fact, the activity started our first night there.

We were exhausted from moving, so my parents watched our baby. Soon after crawling into bed, I heard what sounded like a huge party going on in the kitchen. I heard dishes rattling, chairs moving, silverware clanking, etc. After about 45 minutes, I finally rolled over and asked my husband if he heard the sounds. He admitted that he did.
When we got up and opened the bedroom door, the noises stopped. The kitchen was completely silent. We walked around the house and the yard but found nothing.

However as soon as we laid back down, the noises resumed. This time we could hear people whispering.

It’s amazing what you can get used to. We started sleeping with a fan so we wouldn’t hear the noises coming from the kitchen. Other strange things happened, too, like plugs being yanked from sockets.

We lived together for six years, but things didn’t work out between me and my husband, and I eventually left with our daughter. Things got worse after that. My ex afraid to leave the bedroom without a fully loaded pistol because at night it sounds like someone is trying to break into the home. He says the noises have become more violent. There is also a ghost, a little girl, we’ve seen around the house. She’s been following my ex for awhile.

That house changed both our lives. There are things that linger…spiritually.”

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