Reader Submission: Demonic Haunting

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“My first encounter with this demonic spirit was about two years ago. I had just moved in with my foster parents. At this time, I was still a Christian. I had just been through a terrible family crisis so I was dealing with a lot of emotions. I was constantly depressed and rather angry. This was a very stressful time in my life.

Three Scratches

One night, I had gotten into a very big fight with my foster parents and started self-harming. When I woke up the next morning, I had three very deep scratches running side by side down my neck. I thought I had done it in my sleep somehow, even though I had no fingernails.

I went upstairs to show my foster mom, and she also thought it was strange. So we went back downstairs to show my foster dad. When we got down there, she moved my hair and there were three more scratches next to the original marks. I then went to wash my face, and three more scratches appeared on my cheek, right before my very eyes!

I started to do some research, and what I found frightened me. I saw a lot of talk about demons and learned that three scratches are considered the “demons’ mark of destruction.” I became very frightened.

The Activity Intensifies

As the weeks went on, things only got worse. I started not only getting scratches, but bite marks as well. And things started to go missing. One morning, I was straightening my hair, and when I put the straightening iron on the counter, it flew across the room and hit the wall. I screamed and ran down the stairs crying. Eventually my foster decided it was time to do something about the activity.

Every night, she put holy water on my head and prayed over me. She printed out prayers for me to read out loud each night. And she brought over a priest to bless the house. Nothing worked. I think they even made things worse. I started to hear growls at night. I also heard crying sounds. Sometimes a terrible stench would arise beside my bed. It got to the point to where I was so scared I’d sleep on the floor every night beside my foster parents’ bed.

One day, my foster parents contacted paranormal investigators from out of state. When the investigators arrived, they asked me a bunch of questions as a medium roamed the house. We then went up to my bedroom. As the investigators talked to me about how to get rid of the spirit, my chest started to feel heavy and my stomach started hurting. I felt light headed all the sudden, and I almost passed out. They had to get me out of the room.

A Quest for Answers

This demonic haunting got to the point to where I could not sleep. I’d have TERRIBLE dreams, and sometimes I’d wake up feeling like I was falling. Sometimes I’d wake up to the bed shaking. And things didn’t just happen in the house. I’d get into the car and be far away from home and scratches would appear on my neck.

I don’t believe in God anymore, but just a couple weeks ago I started diving into symbolic Satanism. I’m kind of intrigued by the whole situation. I’m not afraid. I want to know more. I want to know what it wants. I want to know its name. I want to know what it wants with ME. This Friday I’m planning to use a Ouija board to talk to it. It will be risky, and probably stupid, but I’m ready.”

What do you think about this reader’s eerie experiences and her plans to use a Ouija board? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Demonic Haunting

  1. Hello. To whoever posted this story DO NOT try to contact the presence using a Ouija board!!! Attempting to contact a negative presence in this way will be viewed as an invitation by it and will only give the being more license to harm you. Talking to an axe murderer will not help you escape the axe, so why would talking to an evil being cause it to stop harming you? I am also worried by your comment about Satanism. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Ergo, if there is a devil there is a God, and visa versa. Do you really want to join the “team” of a being that is abusing you? Satanism isn’t a religion, its an excuse used by foolish people to allow themselves to act out their darkest inclinations. The scariest thing about it is that it has been made to sound plausible. Please, please be careful. If the thing that is hurting you is a demon then you may be playing right into its hands.

  2. I wonder y u dont believe in God any more. Did you think that perhaps it was God that saved you from further or bigger issues and helped you through this? It could be worse the what u encountered. trying to contact a negative or demonic spirit is not wise, it will not have a positive out come

  3. I agree with these people. You would be a fool to fall to Satanism. Those demons feed on it. When they’re done with you they’re going to spit you out and drag you to hell with them. Don’t believe me, see for yourself and find out in the end. God is the only answer. Not holy water or some ritual, prayer and faith in the Lord. A prayer is nothing if you do not believe. Anyway, good luck.

  4. Oh dear oh dear hope you haven’t done the board yet! Probably too late. You need to open windows and talk to a victor about this. Use bazil plants and lavender and rosemary and dried rose’s. But 1st talk to your victor. NOW AND FAST. or move out

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  6. Go for it! Then post how it went with real pics including your face on each pic with the date some where in the pic. The reason for this is to simply cure my disbelief in all horse shot religions , the devil, and for the most part the story. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but we’re all on hear say here. Get the Ouija board I got like 5 different ones, a small tiny copy of a devils bible, pentograms and all that craps, but nothing ever happens. Idk though I’ve been through fires, a car accident, and stung by a few hundred bees(yes the bee thing happened from me doing stupid shot with the hive) and despite all these times “God” or a demon tried to kill me. I don’t die one or the other is saving me some how or I am the iron man.

  7. Well, the first thing that I noticed is that you said you were experiencing many emotional problems. This seems to be a rather common theme in stories of this sort.
    Leads me to believe that A) it’s something psychosomatic, or 2) it’s an entity that feeds off of emotions.

    • Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God believe also in me. I have overcome the world. Satan in the name of Jesus Christ, king of kings and Lord of Lords I command you to leave this person alone and be gone ! Jesus said once you receive him no man can pluck you out of his hands. I pray in Jesus name that if you have not truly received Christ before you receive him now as soon as the demons leave or they will return and it will be worse than before. I ask in Jesus name. The mighty name— the name above of all names– one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Forever and ever ! Amen!!!

  8. Satanism is not what most of you people think it is. Stop with your miss education. I am Wiccan and I believe in everything and anything and that includes Satan himself. Go for it believe what you want too. Don’t let people talk you out of your belief. They are no better than the demon if they try too. As for the Ouija board be careful and burn white candles when you do. White candles protect you from any chance of being possessed. If you have sage handy care that with you at all times. Let us know how it goes and good luck to you on your adventure!

  9. Satanists are children playing with fire.. And they always get burned. For eternity.

    Your prayers failed because you have unconfessed sins. These sins allow the demon to have a legal right to be attached to you. God permits this as you have not repented… You have to confess your sins to god in prayer and rebuke satan.. And then (and only then) can you confront the demon and tell it to leave as it no longer has legal right to you (or your soul). Good luck to you. May jesus christ instil wisdom in you so that you may get out of this situation with your soul. amen

    • Satanism really isn’t a “religion”. Anton levey invented it out of quack-erism “. Sorry if I butchered the name but in the laws of Eros those who believe in hell are on the lowest rungs of the ladder to it. I understand the mystique, but your just plain dumb. Even to be posting it!

  10. NO! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KNOW! thats what it wants and that is how it will have MORE power over you! It’s doing it’s work making you doubt an not believe in God, making you want to know more about him etc. please PLEASE do NOT indulge or humour it by discarding God and wanting to know more about the evil being. It’s already doing stuff to you!

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