Ghost Photo: White Knights?

ghost picture

The U.K.’s Mirror shared this photo on Halloween. It seems a father snapped a photo of his daughter at Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire, England and captured two ghosts in the background.

“I can’t quite make out what they are, but it looks to me like two figures,” said Richard Jones, 38. “It could be two knights carrying a shield – which would make sense as it was by the castle. What’s so strange to me is that there is absolutely no color – it’s all white.”

Like most castles, Tamworth has its share of ghost stories. Legend has it a 9th-century nun haunts the historic structure, while tales of disembodied footsteps, swirling mists, and mysterious figures are also common.

What do you think appears in the photo above?

5 thoughts on “Ghost Photo: White Knights?

      • The little girl’s clothes look too light for late October. The article was published on Halloween, but it doesn’t seem to give the date the photograph was taken.

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