A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal investigators use a variety of equipment to hunt ghosts. From basic cameras and recorders to ghost boxes and laser grids, there’s certainly no shortage of gear. Not sure what equipment investigators truly use and why? Here’s a beginner’s guide to ghost-hunting equipment.

Cameras and Camcorders

It should come as no surprise that cameras and camcorders top paranormal investigators equipment list. No gear is more important for recording potential evidence, be the evidence a full-blown apparition or unexplained activity. Nearly any camera or camcorder will work, though high-quality equipment is generally best.

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Digital Recorders

Paranormal investigators use digital recorders to capture electronic voice phenomena also known as EVPs. EVPs can’t be heard at the time of the recording but are audible during playback. Theories abound as to the hows and whys, but many investigators believe ghosts are behind the voice phenomena.

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EMF Meters

EMF meters measure electromagnetic fields and are another ghost-hunting staple. Paranormal investigators believe spirits can manipulate magnetic fields and that EMF spikes indicate the presence of a ghost.

EMF Meters


When a spirit is near, electromagnetic fields reportedly spike and the temperature reportedly plummets. That’s why many paranormal investigators bring thermometers to haunted locations. Ambient thermometers measure the air surrounding the device while infrared thermometers measure the temperature of distant objects.

Infrared Thermometers

Motion Detectors

Some ghost hunters use motion sensors as part of their investigations. The idea is that unseen entities will set off the sensors and alert investigators to their presence. However, not all investigators are fans as natural occurrences can set off the device.

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Laser Grids

Laser grids are another way paranormal investigators search for ghosts. Investigators who use this device hope the grid of laser beams will make a ghost easier to spot. Several paranormal investigation shows have featured laser grids, causing amateur groups to begin using them.

Laser Grid

Ghost Boxes

A ghost box, otherwise known as a spirit or Frank box, is typically a modified portable radio that continuously scans local AM/FM bands.

Static and snippets of speech come through, and some paranormal investigators believe that spirits can manipulate this audio to create words or sentences.

Ghost Boxes

There is no piece of equipment guaranteed to reveal ghosts. However, investigation groups around the world believe devices like digital recorders, EMF readers, and ghost boxes can help pierce the veil. What do you think?

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