Reader Submission: Haunted in Virginia


“In 2001, my family moved to Roanoke, VA, into an old house built back in the late 1920s. It’s located on Roundhill Avenue and is still there today. I was about 13 then, and for five years something in the home haunted us.

It started with strange smells in the living room, as if someone was smoking a pipe there. Now, my Grandpa smoked a pipe, but he hadn’t smoked in several years, plus he lived in Florida. We also heard footsteps upstairs during the day when everyone was downstairs, including the animals. This happened quite a few times over five years. One night I saw a man in period clothing standing in the dining room with a PIPE in his hand.

The spookiest thing happened when I was alone in my bedroom. Most nights I couldn’t sleep for feelings of being watched. One morning I woke up and heard someone say ‘goodbye.’  At first, I thought the voice was just in my head as I had just woken up. So I waited a few minutes, and it happened again! By this time the room felt very heavy. After hearing the voice a third time, I bolted out the door so fast it was like a horse going down the stairs. For the rest of the day, my room was very cold.

The last encounter that I can recall was in my brother’s room. We both couldn’t sleep so we stayed up talking. At some time during the night we began to hear music. I told my brother that it was the radio in the basement and that my parents had most likely left it on again. So he went down and after a few minutes he came back telling me there was nothing on down there. We listened again and after a bit we both came to conclusion that the music sounded like an old phonograph. The both of us were freaked out! To this day I STILL think that house is haunted.”

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