Reader Submission: Mirror Horror

mirror haunted
“Okay, so it sounds crazy, but this actually happened to me a few months ago.

One night, I woke up, opened my eyes, and looked around. What I saw was my house, but it was…different. It seemed like everything was in the right place, but also not. I looked around for a few minutes, then it hit me: everything was reversed, like in a reflection. Then I looked up and saw the mirror behind the couch I’d been sleeping on. In the mirror, the room appeared the way I remembered it.

‘This has got to be a weird dream,’ I thought to myself. Then I noticed movement at the edge of the mirror, followed by my friend Anna walking into my field of vision. She had an expression of horror on her face. I turned to look at the couch she’d been sleeping on, but then I woke up…again.

It was morning. I sat up and shot my gaze to Anna, who was already awake. ‘I had the weirdest dream,’ I told her. Her eyes went wide, and she said, ‘I got up last night and looked in the mirror over there, and you were staring back at me. But here’s the thing…you were also still sleeping on the couch.’”

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